The twins have started responding to questions!! So cool!  I asked them if they wanted a snack, and Cami said "yeah!!" and Drake started nodding his head yes!!! 12/13 - 43
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Ellen038 They are growing up so fast!!
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Jewels63 so very cute!  Growing up fast!
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mhv Krichar!!  Funny!!! :). Thanks Ellen, jewels, and desarae :). Time is passing oh so fast!!!
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mandaszoo So sweet : )
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Melissa_71 yay! that is very cute! wait til they learn the word

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We have had a mild winter, but i am more than ready for spring Mar 18 - 2
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Belle313 Yay it's spring (but raining there this week!)
What size shoe was Cami in at M's age? Just curious
Mar 21
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specialmom yes, same for me too.  While it was mild . . .  it also seems to be dragging along, lol.  
16 hrs ago
We have had a mild winter, but i am more then ready for spring Mar 18 - 0
Happy st patricks day! Mar 17 - 0
Happy New Year! May 2017 be the year all your dreams come true! Jan 11 - 3
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Jan 12
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KeeLolo Thank you, thank you and the same to you!!!
Jan 23
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Hollus Amen!! It needs to get better if we are going to have that for 2017 though.  :-/ I hope you are well my friend!!
Mar 12
Praying for Jewel63!  May this be her rainbow baby!!!   Oct 17 - 4
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Risa615 I am praying!
Oct 17
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Jewels63 Thank you x me too x
Oct 20
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Hollus Amen!!
Oct 23
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mandaszoo Me too
Nov 01
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