Going to an amusement park with 700 elementary school kids today.  Think I'm only in charge of making sure 8 make it out alive.   May 31 - 12
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specialmom sandman, our students have been living with a new building being built on the property the current school is on this entire school year.  The gym was demolished three weeks ago.  It's been a mess with recess in a small area for much of the year.  
Jun 01
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specialmom So, we did a fund raiser through PTA early in the year and used the funds to take the entire school for a celebration day!  We do have a pretty awesome community of parents and teachers to make it happen safely!  It was fun!
Jun 01
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KeeLolo Oh my goodness I cannot even imagine..... You all are amazing 700 I would of lost my mind at the suggestion, LOL
Jun 03
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Barb135 I haven't been around for several days... that was quite a feat and I'm happy to hear it went off without a hitch.  You have more patience than I do... Have a great summer.  
Jun 03
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Shell215 Specialmom! I would like some insight please !
Jun 09

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Ho Ho Ho.  This elf has been busy!  Making the magic of Christmas happens sure takes a lot of effort! Dec 13 - 0
under the weather all week.  Blah, let the sick season begin.  Or maybe this will be my last cold . . . what do ya think? ha, ya right. Nov 09 - 1
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senseanonymous Wish you all the health and happiness. .  Stay warm, Take care of yourself : )
Dec 06
A fall chill is in the air.  Spooking time is near.   Oct 18 - 1
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Dee1956 I love Fall! I need to get candy!
Oct 20
Worried about friends in Florida!  Be safe Sep 08 - 2
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ZonnyC I am worried about those poor folks in Texas, Florida and don't forget those on the islands off of Florida.  I am praying for all of them.  Hope your friends are ok.  :)
Sep 08
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Dalubaba We need Everyone prays for Everyone.
Sep 09
We survived summer camp!   Jul 01 - 1
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Barb135 Yay...I bet everyone had fun and is ready for the next adventure... :-)
Jul 02
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