He did NOT see his shadow.  Spring is coming!! 02/13 - 11
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Barb135 "Phil is seldom right though, furry little *bleep*"  Oh my, you must be mistaken; I've relied on Phil for a good share of my life.....hmmmmm - maybe that's why I was disappointed all those years that winter lasted into April (or May).......... LOL
377493 tn?1356505749
adgal I know Opus...but one can  Heck, we'd be lucky to get off with only 6 more weeks.  Last year my tulips came up the same day it  It was actually rather pretty..ha.
134578 tn?1483549754
AnnieBrooke Does anyone know why, when it is sunny (he sees his shadow) there will be six more weeks of winter, and when it is cloudy (he doesn't) that means winter is nearly over?  Seems counterinutitive to me.
973741 tn?1342346373
specialmom Ha, funny AB.  I had one kid cheer and one say "ahhh! darn" when we announced the results.  I guarentee at least one of them will be happy in 6 weeks (not sure which one.)  
480448 tn?1426952138
nursegirl6572 LOL AB!  Very good point!  

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Snow Day! Jan 08 - 2
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senseanonymous Happy new year! Take care! stay warm !
Jan 13
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VICourageous It has been snows days here for Stay Warm.
Jan 13
Ho Ho Ho.  This elf has been busy!  Making the magic of Christmas happens sure takes a lot of effort! Dec 13 - 0
under the weather all week.  Blah, let the sick season begin.  Or maybe this will be my last cold . . . what do ya think? ha, ya right. Nov 09 - 1
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senseanonymous Wish you all the health and happiness. .  Stay warm, Take care of yourself : )
Dec 06
A fall chill is in the air.  Spooking time is near.   Oct 18 - 1
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Dee1956 I love Fall! I need to get candy!
Oct 20
Worried about friends in Florida!  Be safe Sep 08 - 2
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ZonnyC I am worried about those poor folks in Texas, Florida and don't forget those on the islands off of Florida.  I am praying for all of them.  Hope your friends are ok.  :)
Sep 08
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Dalubaba We need Everyone prays for Everyone.
Sep 09
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