Well my older boy survived the weekend tenting in frigid cold with his cadet corp, but didn't make it out without being picked on.... So tired of this!!! 03/13 - 10
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Ecologic Tough :-(
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mandaszoo Oh poor boy Hope he is ok !
1396867 tn?1433524301
hopeitworks Sorry S had bullys yet again. Id like to go there and let those kids have a piece of my mind!!!
1748995 tn?1427338464
JennyB0125 I'll second Hopeitworks comment!
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haz1104 he's eventually gonna grow out of it and prob show some one else a piece of his mind..but u can't help but feel sad for such a young boy 2b bullied ...its all part of the deal thu..good thing he's got a great mummy to stand up for him ;)

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Baby girl is 7 months now... posted a picture :) May 28 - 1
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Hollus She's adorable but getting big too fast!!
10 hrs ago
Baby girl is 7 months now... posted a picture :) May 26 - 0
I can no longer see the feed on here *sigh* May 22 - 6
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krichar I thought I did something worng
May 22
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Risa615 You can still see friends newsfeed on the mobile version.
May 23
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TTC2006 I have to use the mobile version. The changes on the main site suck no can't see anything on there anymore. I only get page not found.  
May 23
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KeeLolo Yea, I hate it!!!!
May 25
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heather727 Yeah, same here. It really stinks trying to see what everyone is up to. :(
May 26
Baby girl is 6 months old... 24 in long and 15lbs8ozs... still a peanut :) Apr 18 - 2
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Hollus Awww... I bet she's adorable!!
Apr 20
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Des_a_rae She's  24 inches long and 15lb8oz of preciousness!!!!
Apr 20
. Feb 23 - 1
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Hollus Happy Wednesday Krichar! I hope you and your family are well!! :-D
Mar 02
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