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12 year boy afraid of the dark/being alone
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12 year boy afraid of the dark/being alone

my 12 year old brother is afraid of the dark and being alone please help
thank you
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I was exactly like that as a kid. I had to have a night light in my bedroom for the longest time. I couldn't be in total dark. I had to see everything in my room.
Watch what he sees on TV, especially if he has an overactive imagination. My brother and sister used to be able to watch vampire movies but I couldn't. I always thought the vampire was going after me and I hid under my covers! Lol.
I also was afraid of being left alone. I don't think my mother ever understood or appreciated that. She wasn't a real touchy/feely kind of person.

Just be there for him. Reassure him, comfort him and be there to talk whenever he wants to talk. I never had that so that's why I'm recommending it for your brother. I know what I would have liked.
He probably will outgrow it. I did. Just be careful what he's watching and even the newspapers. If he's seeing things like home invasions, shootings, etc., it can make him afraid in his own home.
Give him time and be patient with him. Keep reminding him and showing him all the good things in this world too, so that he doesn't just focus on the bad.
It's good that he has a caring brother like you. He is lucky.
Hope any of that helps a little. Take care,
My son has an autistic spectrum disorder and he is exactly the same.  All lights have to be on.  He won't go upstairs on his own or sleep on his own.  I have to be careful what he watches on TV because although he says 'he isn't scared' it is a different story when it is time to go upstairs to bed!
In his bedroom we have a dimmer switch which helps because we can turn down the light, but it is not turned off.
Although he is 12, he might like to have a cuddly toy of something like a shark or elephant to hold onto in bed.  But the cuddly toy has to be something considered big and strong (ie. not a rabbit!).  Size doesn't matter, just what it represents.
Try not to stress out about it.  I don't have any diagnosis, but sometimes, on some nights, I find it hard to be alone downstairs and when I have to go upstairs I have to keep my back to the wall (I put it down to watching too many vampire movies as a youngster).
Also both my kids aged 7 and 9 often sleep with either mum or dad in bed.  
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