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5 yr. old has ADHD, won't sleep,eat, anxiety to social situations....
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5 yr. old has ADHD, won't sleep,eat, anxiety to social situations.

I have a 5 yr. old grandson that has been diagnosed with ADHD. He's on meds for it but they keep adjusting and switching to find the right combo for him. He seems to be getting worse rather than better. He has never slept, always has circles under his eyes. He's losing weight (6lbs) because he won't eat because of the meds. He's getting SO bad with social situations it's impossible to take him out. He will turn his head when a stranger talks to him and start blinking fast. He has melt downs if you try to take him into an unfamiliar place. Ex: He refused to go into the Post Office with me, so I had to go back home. Alot of people = complete meltdown.
We just recently switched doctors because my grandson said the crazy people were talking to him again. The new doctor said he was on wrong dosage of medicine and caused this side effect. When his meds wear off in evening, he can't be calmed down. His pupils are dilated and his anger is uncontrollable. Help!
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please have your son get his doctor to have an EEG done on him.Some of what you are saying sounds like my son after being on the medicine for add and adhd.

Your son needs to make your your grandson is not having seizures.So get him in to a neurologist

please don't let the doctors tell you all what is best for him,you know more than they do.

And a lot of these medicines have bad side concerta and adderall (adderrall) can cause seizures witch my son was on and is having seizures and still is even with medicine and surgery and now waiting to see if in time the surgery has helped him..

god bless you and your sick little grandson.
I'm going to get in touch with his doctor today for a referral to a neurologist. Thank you SO much.
your very welcome.                                                                                                    I hope the doctor will send him so they can put the wires on his head to make sure his brain waves are normal.

The doctor these days just say it is add or adhd and not look at everything the children are going threw to treat them right.

best of luck to your family.

let me know how things work out.

god less you all.
Hi,  I have a different idea for you.  Perhaps your grandson doesn't have ADD/ADHD but another neurological delay called sensory integration disorder.  (sometimes kids with ADD/ADHD have both).  My son has sensory and your grandson sounds similar.  They can look very similar but sensory can't be help with medication.  You do occupational therapy for it.  My son has done ot once a week for about a year and we do lots at home with him, and he is functioning beautifully now.  (we have our occasional off day but it is not every day as it used to be).  At home we address his sensory needs by doing lots of physical activity and "heavy work".  This means running, jumping, climbing, skipping, and swinging.  MOnkey bars, tire swings for spinning, etc.  Heavy work involves anything that pushes or pulls his muscles--- pushing a filled laundry basket across the floor, carrying in groceries, carrying some books (we put some in his backpack to school to give it some weight, "heavy work").  etc.  He likes deep pressure so we squish him with pillows and give him tight squeezes.  He chews a thick piece of bubble gum before he goes somewhere where sensory issues may arise.  This oral activity organizes and calms his nervous system.  He is in kindergarten now with not an issue to date.  He's never been medicated as it is not effective for sensory.  There is the other side of sensory that is the complete oppisite of my son too.

He too suffered socially and had poor skills in this area.  We did a camp just for social skills this summer that teaches kids who struggle with this how to interact with friends positivly.  How to approach kids, how to play fair, how close to stand, how to stop when you want to say something inappropriate, how to fend off bullies, etc.  My son learned a lot.  We've worked hard to cultivate a small list of friends and at school, I hear only posative stories now of his interaction.  It was an ot's office that offered this camp but this would be something to check into as well.  His school couselor may be able to help direct you as well.  

Anyway, whether you decide to read up on sensory integration/processing disorder or not, I would strongly encourage an increase of physical activity and perhaps even an instructional league of a sport to help with peer intereaction.  Good luck!!
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