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A site I found on line that everyone should read.
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A site I found on line that everyone should read.

I found this site while I was trying to look for info to help another person on this site, and thou that every parent should take a look at this site .  

It has a lot of info that could help you and your children and maybe safe you from going threw what my family's has and is going threw after putting my son on add and adhd medicines.

And we ended up learning that my son has Seizures  witch can be a side effect of the drugs they use to treat add and adhd and even bipolar.

How many children and adults are Misdiagnosed every day with the wrong Diagnoses .We as parents need to make sure are kids get treated right by Doctors ,Teachers and other Kids and Family Members. We owe it to them.

Now please tell me what you think after you look and read more about add and adhd and even if there is a chance that the person may have Seizures ..
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This is something every parent should read who has there child on drugs ,and thinks it is the best thing for there child the school and there family.

please read the hole think.
You must know by now that I join you wholeheartedly in your campaign to protect children from these dangerous drugs. Keep  posting.
A friend of mine was told that if she did't put her son on that junk that the school would have to ask him to leave...
I went back to the school with her...I have ADD and I'M not stupid. They tried to tell us that without the drugs he wouldn't be able to learn anything!! What kind of a redundant remark is that?
I asked the principal if he thought I was some sort of social outcast. He looked at me quizzically and stated "no."
I asked him if he thought I was stupid...asinine.
Again he looked at me skeptically and replied "no."
Then he asked me the question I was waiting for..."why would you think that I would think of you like this?"
He then said to me that I was well versed, intelligent,...blah,blah,blah.
I then asked him "Why then,if you think that I am so smart,would you say that this boy would not be teachable if he didn't take the pills?"
The puzzled look...
Then I explained to him that I too had teachers in the past that didn't understand me...that I too went through what this boy was going through...and that by NO means am I lacking in intelligence!  When I then stated that I have lived with ADD my entire life he almost pooped his pants.
I then explained to him that these wonder pills are not for everyone. I told him of the nasty side effects that I had suffered close I came to suicide because of all of those pills. I gave him info that I had found on some of the nastier side effects and explained to him that if they were going to "force" this mother to give her child pills that COULD potentially cause him more grief that we would see him in court.
The young boy just graduated from high school and I'm happy to say that he's never ingested one of those pills to "help" him.
Thank you for posting  ,  And for helping safe this young man from the drugs.

hopefully others will read this and it will help them. be strong and take nothing from the School.  

Wish I had been that strong when it came to my son.
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