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I used to be very autistic in school and at home! i have tourettes, aspeargers, ADHD, pediatric bipola, OCD. Im now 16 going on 17 i can say this from my personal experience and what my parents have told me, In primary school i was a little **** due to my symptoms, but at that time nobody knew i have any of the symptoms or syndromes so i got into trouble for doing something i hadn't even relised id been doing. my head-teacher clearly stated "Lewis is a boy who would rather play than work", this caused alot of upset in my family because my family (mum and dad) were trying to get these things for me to help me through life at school and head-teacher was being a complete arse tbh! and she wouldn't sign for anything for me to have or do, i was never allowed to do alot of stuff that the other kids were allowed to do. when i was finally diagnosed with tourettes it was a case of "what the heck is it" basically it was twitches and swearing, BUT i never got the swearing repeatedly only little twitches which i could handle. I coped with it didn't really effect me at all! but other's were skeptical of me and what i might do, i had a rage that was very dangerous to other's and myself and i still have the rage but its rare if i do get wound up and flare up.

My parents couldn't handle me most of the time but as i got older and more aware of whats going on it kinda went away but its still there but i don't think its serious as it was because i rarely get angry.
i can't really talk of my others but ADHD was the most serious syndrome i was diagnosed with, now anyone that has a child with severe or not so severe ADHD i just like to say there are other people out there in the same situation as yourself and to help or maintain an ADHD child can be very very very HARD but i offer you this piece of advice do not raise to them, keep calm, come across hard handed and make the point that you are the head of the households. i know when i was young i always tried to be better than my dad and mum, it was never a good thing now i look back at it but i couldn't help myself at the time!

ADHD is mainly hyper and attention, you need to be calm whilst there in a rage and take forceful handling against them, mainly to restrain them for there own good, previous experience i had a knife to my dads throat when i was 9 and they removed the knife from me with severe force my head and body was forced against a kitchen work surface and it hurt me like nothing else i was being bent backwards! i finally snapped out of what i call another part of me and was soon in my room upset! and confused on what just happened to me!

if you wanna hear anymore just ask me or search for it online :) always happy to help :D

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