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HI I HAVE 3 CHILDREN. MY Eldest is a 6 year old girl.  When she was in nursery her teacher told me that my daughter finds hard to memorize and cant even write her own name. She was last on the student's rank in her classroom.  When she was in prep (last year), I again talked to her teacher and asked her how my child is doing. She said she can't concentrate well and always out of focus.  As I tutor her here at home, I also know her level in understanding, its so hard to teach her. and no matter how many styles I use for a subject matter she just couldn't get it.  Socially, she's fine, she has friends, she talks to people.  But, academically, she finds it hard to focus.  In some subject she's ok but in reading, writing, math, language, she is poor. also in subjects which requires memorization.

I would also like to share, when she was 1-3 years old she has lots of fear (mascots, dogs, etc...) she gets hysterical when she sees it.  She cries so hard when she's angry, afraid or scared.  And it will take an hour before she stops.  Now that she is 6, this changed she's not a cry baby anymore (at least not that often) but my problem with her now is her academics.  I have given up my work just to monitor, tutor and guide her and I am so sad that even with my efforts, her grades are not improving.  And teachers will always comment that she is not doing well at school.  I would like to believe that she just acts like a baby, but if its ADHD or ADD it would not help her.  

When she was 3, I tried to evaluate her through a psychiatrist.  I don't know if the doctor did her evaluation well, she just asked my daughter a couple of question.  And she immediately sent us to an occupational therapist, which costs us so much.  I stopped her therapy coz its been 4 months and no improvement in her studies and focus.

Please, anyone. help me to help my child.  I don't have enough money for an O.T.  hope someone can give me their share of advice.
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Try and see what she like. My son can only learn by a game my other child learns from singing
they are both slow. My son's in 5th grade on a 3rd grade level but he's doing better.Some times it just takes a little time. Your child will be fine my 10 year old had some trouble with his hearing.
Just a few things you can try. I have learned with ten children there all different. Good luck
   In most cases a doctor will not diagnosis a child with ADHD until the child is 6.  One of the major reasons for this is that the standards for a diagnosis say that the symptoms must be present in two different settings (typically home and school).  I don't know what the doc saw that would have led to the O.T. recommendation (and that is not a normal recommendation for AD/HD).  But also at that point her educational short comings were not known.  But frankly, I think you were ripped off.
   Now that she is in school it should be much easier to get a accurate diagnosis.  (Think I would try a different doctor though).  It is possible that the school would even get involved in the testing.  And there are ways to force them to do so.  There are specific things you can do to help her study.   Because of that, I highly recommend that you get the book,
         "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley.
    This book will give you ways to help her at home and school (including good information of a 504 plan or an IEP).  I think its under $10 through Amazon.
     Hope this helps!
It is unfortunate that we tend to judge children by their academic ability. Some children are simply not academic. They are not stupid. They just don't fit the present mode. I come from a large family and, in addition to lots of nieces and nephews, have 12 grandchildren, so I have seen a lot.

One of my nieces had terrible problems keeping up in school, but she was a tremendously gifted artist and ultimately won a four-year scholarship to an art school. One of my grandsons was hopeless academically and only with special tutoring finally graduated from highschool a year late. A couple of years ago he enrolled in Jaques Pepin's cooking school and came out top of his class. Within one year he was made sou chef at a four-star eatery. These are two "poor-studen"t success stories.

Assuming that your child is not actually retarded (I know, it is not a politically correct term, but it leaves no doubt as to its meaning) then you might well suffer for many years helping her manage her studies. But be fair to her. Look to her talents and nurture those.
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