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I finally accepted the fact I have it.
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I finally accepted the fact I have it.

I have had ADHD and CO-Morbid attributes. I have been diagnosed since age 5 and at age 32 it finally sank in I have a huge issue. I do not know why I haven't given it more thought until now.  I had plenty of time to think this over . To this date I can not tell you anyone that has provided a real reason to why or what is exactly wrong. mainly what went wrong. My brain is misfiring, OK. It's genetic, well yes it is. But why? Why can't it just go away. I am past 30 now and my memory is compared to a person with Alzheimer's.
I have 2 children , my son was born with two ADHD parents and  it passed him. I am so happy it did. My little girl has a different father and she has all of my attributes and they are more advanced than it should be.
The SS admin. has declared us both disabled by this. I have heard, you have it take your meds. I want it to go away. Can it get any worse!
I have reached the point of being mad. I want it to go away. I have had a life filled of issues from this and I am wanted answers. Why us? My little girl has it and I prayed that it would have bypassed her.
I know the steps. I know how to get back on the workable track. But how do you find out more. I want fact a root cause. Opinions are great but they are just that.
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   Hey deb, as you have found out.  It doesn't go away.  You learn to deal with it.  When you are young and in school, it is very hard to deal with - and that's where the meds can really help.  Hopefully, you learn coping skills as you grow up.  But many adults still take meds - some on an as needed basis depending on their jobs, others still need the meds.
   There are two sites that should be able to help you.  This site has more info then you may want - but its very good.
   The second site is for adults with ADD by a person with ADD.  It sprawls all over the place, but it has a lot of good stuff.  And it certainly lets you know that you are not alone.
Warning, its easy to get lose all track of time while visiting this site.
   Hope this helps.
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