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Is it possible to get ADD later in life?
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Is it possible to get ADD later in life?

QUESTION: Is it possible to get ADD later in life. If an adult never experienced symptoms of ADD throughout their childhood can they get it later?

INFO ABOUT ME/WHY I AM ASKING (you don't need to read this but I'd like to know if you think I might possibly have ADD... just so I know whats going on in my head)
When I was a kid I was good in school. I never really had to try but I got all A's and B's. In senior year when I moved to a new school it started to get a lot harder. I blamed my procrastination on the depression caused by having no friends and being bogged down with work, school and financial issues and just dealt with it. Still maintaining a A/B average through delaying due dates by staying home "sick".

I've always been a really chill person and it usually takes a lot to bug me. But recently little things have been making me angry and I get pissed off and don't want to talk to whoever I'm mad at, even though I'm usually mad for a reason that is out of their control. I know I have no right to be angry or sad but I feel that way all the same. It's not fair to my friends. I've gotten a LOT angrier when people break dates or promises. Sometimes it's "I don't have bus money" or "My mom is sick and want's me to stay home with her." All things that are logical. All things I COMPLETELY understand and agree with! But I just get angry anyways.

I can't focus when I try to sit down and do homework, I wait until the very last minute (sometimes past the due date) for bills even if I have the money, I get angry fast, and I can't focus very well on the teacher very well when I am in class, usually thinking about other things or drawing in the margins of my 'notes'. Any more I always seem to be on the go, doing something, or whatever. I have so many things going on at once and everything tends to get done at the last minute or late... sometimes not at all.

I never had any of these feelings or tendencies when I was a kid. I don't know if it's just the stress or if I possibly acquired ADD as I got older. However I don't know if that's even POSSIBLE. If it's NOT possible to have ADD later in life rather than from the beginning then it's not a mental problem and I just need to try harder... but I feel like I try and it still just doesn't get done. I sit myself down and say that I can't get up until it's done but then give my an excuse to leave before I do...

I just want to be able to focus and not fail college...

I know I need to go see a doctor for a real diagnosis but until May I don't have medical insurance, and I really just want to know if this is a possibility so I know what's going on... I KNOW I can get good grades, I'm not an idiot. I just need to apply myself. But any more it's getting really hard. I just want to know if there is possibly and end in sight or if I'm just going to have to deal with this my entire college carrier...

I honestly feel like I could do it without the medication, but with living on my own, work, school, and attempting to maintain any semblance of a social life it's just extremely hard and I can't give up work, school, or my friends. At least until college is over and I can test to see if I can do it on my own, I'd like some help... If it's not ADD then I'm just ******.

Or is this all just normal college stress talking?
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   I have seen numerous posts (usually by women) of intelligent adults who got overlooked in high school because they were able to cope or figured out the system.  Its not that you possibly just developed ADD.  Its more like you have hit a point where you can't cope with the tools you have.  When you said, "I can't focus when I try to sit down and do homework, I wait until the very last minute (sometimes past the due date) for bills even if I have the money, I get angry fast, and I can't focus very well on the teacher very well when I am in class, usually thinking about other things or drawing in the margins of my 'notes'."   Those certainly are symptoms of ADD.  However anxiety could also be part of the problem.
   Two ideas.  First, school medical insurance is typically a lot cheaper than when you are not in school.  You might want to check that out.  Also the school should have counselors that can help you or point you in the right direction and they are free.  Take some time and check that out.
    I have two web sites that I think you will find very helpful.  Both of them are aimed at adult ADD.  Both of them will give you what the symptoms are.  Both of them do a good job of relating to the frustrations that you are understandably feeling.  If after taking the time (and do take the time, its important), you feel like you might have ADD, they also have many suggestions to help.  The first site is and the second site is   The first site is easier to get through.  Jeff's site kind of reflects the creater, but I think its more personal in many ways.
   Best wishes.  Please post if you have any other questions.
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