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Is this "normal" or should I look into getting diagnosed?
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Is this "normal" or should I look into getting diagnosed?

I'm trying to find out if this is normal behavior or if I might actually have some sort of ADD. I've never been diagnosed with it, but I've never done any screening for it to my knowledge either. Basically, I have a hard time getting motivated, an even harder time keeping motivation (I'll get distracted easily and quickly), I procrastinate on anything and everything (I wait until the last minute on school work and end up pulling all nighters just to meet the deadline, can't get myself to study without taking a break every 10-15 minutes, haven't had a job in over a year and before that it had been around 2 years but I can't seem to get myself motivated to try and find one), get "trapped in  my mind" in many social situations (don't talk to people I don't know even though I want to, realize that I'm being rude, then I don't want to say something because it may come across as rude, and then I become anxious about being there but can't leave because it would seem rude, etc.), easily distracted when doing things that require mental work but not physical work (mostly school), often have the inability to keep focused on a conversation even though it's just between me and one other person (this happens a lot when I go out to eat... I'll watch the wait staff and look around the restaurant, I zone out of conversations and lectures in class every time I'm in class... even when the class is of interest to me), and have cognitive dissonance because of the perceived inability to do things I know need to be done even when I know they're important. I'm not overly restless until it's night time and then I can't get my mind to shut off. I always come back to thinking about things that bothered me earlier in the day which distracts me from what I'm doing right then, often causing me to get way behind in whatever it is that I'm trying to do. While writing this out I have checked my facebook and have started Candy Crush before I realized that I wasn't done with this. I've used alcohol to loosen up and talk to more people, but I know that's not going to end well. I'm just worried that I'm ruining my life by not getting this checked out because I'm about to be 27 and while I've been in college most of the time since I've graduated high school I often have to drop classes because I forget when things are due or when tests are coming up. I just don't know if there is something that is happening within me that is causing this or if I just can't get the hang of doing it, which is making me depressed (which is also not a good thing because my family has a history of depression... ugh).
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   Well, I would say its normal if you have AD/HD.  Otherwise, not so much.  The link I am providing is perhaps one of the best sites I have seen to answer your questions as well as give you information on how to get tested.   The site is --
   I also think that you should check out this site --  .
   I think that you will also find a lot of useful information there - not to mention a lot of people who have gone through the same experiences that you have.
  If you have any more questions, please post.  And do keep in touch to let us know how things are going!  Best wishes.

Not sure if you mentioned when these symptoms that you believe are from ADD/ADHD started happening, but just so you know, it is highly unlike to develop ADD/ADHD as an adult if you did not have it as a child. Sometimes ADD/ADHD can go untreated in children, but if no one has noticed similar behaviors in you as a child, chances are this might not be ADD/ADHD. Not saying that with absolute certainty, but just wanted to throw that out there.

Also, most people who didn't have ADD/ADHD as a child and think they have ADD/ADHD as an adult often times have depression. The lack of motivation, focus, inability to communicate successfully in social situations, even the difficulty sleeping can all be chalked up to depression. Not saying that's what you have, but it doesn't hurt to ask a doctor either.
    Yes, ADHD does not suddenly rear it head in an adult.  However,  ADD can easily be overlooked in a child - especially if the child is fairly intelligent. Many times a boy getting B's (who could be getting A's) is not noticed.  Its usually the hyper little boys that get noticed.  
   And if you have been struggling with an undiagnosed problem like ADD, it is very common to have anxiety, depression, etc.
I read your issues and I'm no Dr but it sounds like to me you have adult ADHD.they could have missed when you where young.i urge you not to wait get tested,or like you said you drink to deal with it,it could get worse.i was treated younger but didn't take meds I found one that helped I went on 12 year addiction to I'm being treated with vyvanse klonopin,suboxone,for opiate make this shorter if you are ADHD you are in danger of becoming an addict get tested before you get into something over your head like I did
Hi there,
I'm not a doctor but I just wanted to relate......every single thing you describe about your behaviour is exactly to a tee what I have been going
through my whole life since I was a child......I suspect that I may have had
ADHD all along and perhaps if I were diagnosed then I would have saved myself years of pain, anxiety, depression and self medicating to the point of addiction with several substances over the course of 40yrs.

I am clean of my current DOC, "opiates" for the last 30 days.  Although
I am much clearer now than when I was using.....I am in ADHD hell!
I can't hardly complete a thought never mind a task.....I am a spinning electric top that never stops, yet never seems to complete anything.

I don't know what comes first...depression or ADHD,  I know anxiety is a symptom of depression and I've had both all my life too.

My biggest hurdle right now is my "focus"....practically none existent.
I would suggest it would be a good idea to see a doctor too.
Good luck,
much hope and peace
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