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My sons experience with adhd

I have not writen in his community for a while, every now and then I check on the posts, they area always similar, people wondering how to take medications or how to deal with their beloved children. I have been sharing my experience with you in diffferents ways, first, my son was diagnosed ADHD and I was not convinced and went along with some resourse and accommodation facilitities but put my foot down when it came to medication. It does not feel right to medicate a young mind when just because is not reacting the way society and the schools are expecting them to react.
My son keeps impruving so much, now he is one of the top of the class, he was the odd one and the school was giving out to me about him every day when he first started junior infants. Now, trhough OT and some resourse accommodation, and a talented teacher, he is top of the top.
So mums, do not believe to the doctors at once, I got them furious because I did not like medicines, now they congratulate me. Kids are all different, extra attention does a lot for them, extra resourses, I personaly think that ADHD is a name we are giving to a human brain development we do not understand yet. This kids are specially sensitity and generous, they live with intensity and love life more than most.
Hope my experience helps somebody struggling witht he system as I did some three years ago.
Best regards
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