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Please Help Cannot Focus On Reality
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Please Help Cannot Focus On Reality

Since I wake up until I sleep I am always daydreaming/ imagining. I spend 95%of my time daydreaming. When I am watching TV, when I am walking, when I listen o music, etc; I am always daydreaming. Sometimes overall at night I even laugh very loud and talk to the persons that are in my head. I talk to them.

I cannot stay in reality, not even for 5 entire minutes. I always have to imagine something.

I go to a psychiatris and she honestly doesn't know what I have, she said that defenitely I am not a psycotic or something similar because I can differentiate between the real world and my fantasy world.

All I am asking is your help because I am still very young and I want to start doing productive things. I want to read but I cannot read. Beacause my mind is always wandering. I want to work on something but I can't focus on reality.

In the internet they call it Maladaptive Daydream Disorder.

I have ADHD and I am on medication. Currently Ritalin has helped me to control my thoughts and to stop my mind from daydreaming. It is working, but I wish there was something stronger to help me. But Ritalin is helping me a lot. It's been very useful.
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This is exactly me!  Mine was helped a lot when i switched from Ritalin to Adderall (adderrall).  What's made the biggest dent is behavioral therapy!  Much easier to snap into the present!
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