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Hey there,
I am a woman, 27 years old and and live in the west of Europe. My English might be poor, I do not know. So sorry if this is the case.

I am diagnosed with ADD, about one year ago. After this, I got some options to choose from. One was taking medication (called concerta) one was taking group therapy and one was doing both.
The group therapy was with people that did not have ADD, it was a group of people that where hospitalized because of severe Depression problems, Schizophrenic disorders, Borderline, Drug addiction etc. Many things.
I was not hospitalized, never have been.., I am living my own life in my own house and I feel ok. I did not want to go to this group at all, it scared me to think about being around people that where so deep down. Seeing sad people always makes me sad as well. And my problems seem very little compared to theirs.
Also I did not want to take concerta 'just like that', I had expected to be given some techniques or tools to work with before this option came up. I did not.
I am aware of what concerta is, I studied for working with kids and this came up as well. I also had my internship and met kids that took this or related drugs. It was not always working well, sometimes it created more problems. And I firmly believe that its not healthy and should only be an option when other things do not work. I`d like to try other things first.

So I left and did not go back anymore, I felt the options where way to severe and to huge to simply do it without trying other things.

No though, I am alone again and have to deal with my problems alone.
So I was wondering about what kind of techniques you guys have learned, I`d like to try and learn them on my own.

I will write some of my difficulties down to give a little bit more clarity.
- I am a creative person, I live for creativity.. I love it. I do illustrative work, but very very often I have huge difficulties with starting and then going on until an illustration is ready. I cannot start, and then cannot keep the focus to go on. If I could do this better, then my small busyness would have more success. Right now I am afraid to do any illustrative work for companies etc, fearing that I will not succeed in finishing it on time. Fearing the long lasting internal struggle I will have.

- Another problem is that I have the same problem with having a normal job. I have great difficulties with this. The only job I have managed to keep is a couple of hours very physical work. Its not enough to pay the bills with. Over here 700/800 euro`s is needed to live (very cheaply) and I make 350. So I have financial problems that get more serious by the week. Other jobs are 'so difficult' for me. I usually quit, even when others think I am doing well. Focussing so long drains my energy so much that I cannot do it anymore after a while.
Physical work is ok for me, it helps me to feel good and it helps me to focus my energy. But doing this work more days every week is not possible.

There are more problems, but those are more in the house and less terrible. Like forgetting to take the laundry out of the washing machine over and over again for days at the time (so it smells). Forgetting I made coffee because other thoughts came up while I was making it. Forgetting to call up friends when I promised (so they get angry), forgetting my own birthday :P lol.
Its not out of stupidity, I used to believe this before I got the diagnosis. It turned out that my IQ is actually more high then normal. But I cannot use it because my mind is so chaotic.

I have one thing on which I can focus very well, I think that is called hyperfocus, I am not sure though if I translated that right. I have this for everything that grows in nature, so I love gardening and growing foods. Also I love learning about herbs and their uses for the human body. I almost cannot stop doing these things, I even do them when I really need to be bussy solving problems. When I am working in the garden for example, or learning about herbs and such, then I feel good. Passionate, energetic and happy.

I was hoping that people have some things for me to try, some techniques to learn. Especially for people that live alone and have to manage their live 'alone', without others to remind them of their tasks etc.
My lack of money is the biggest problem at the moment, its a seriously pressing matter. I am scared for what will happen if I do not solve it, and I am scared about that 'all the time' because I never solve it.

I want to write about one more thing. For me omega 3 seems to help. I think I notice a difference when I take them. Not much but its helpfull anyway. Is this a known thing? Or is it my imagination?

(ps, I tried to add tags, and pressed weight loss techniques by accident. Sorry for this, I cannot remove this tag. When I press the little x it does not change.)
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   Hi Kahana,  your comments are very typical of someone with ADD.  I am sorry that you are not getting the help you need.  Many people with ADD who were diagnosed later in life suffer from anxiety and depression.  That certainly seems to be one of your problems and job issues.  Once the people have been identified and realize there is a reason for the problems they went through in highschool, etc., and they start learning how to deal with ADD, it really helps.
    I am sorry that you have gotten so little help over there.  I applaud your decision on medication.  However, please be aware that your experience working with kids on meds is probably not the best source to go on.  Its possible that the kids had the same bad doctors you had, and were not handled correctly.  Plus drug abuse among teenagers, etc. with speed is quite high.  However, I am sure you are aware that if you have ADD, it has a completely different effect on you.
    But to answer your question.   Two sites aimed at the adult ADD sufferer that you might want to check out are and
        Both sites are done by people with ADD.  totallyadd was actually a PBS special and consequently is a series of short videos.  Quite entertaining and useful.   Jeffs add mind really reflects him.  Has much more adult interaction.  Both are worth checking out.
      These sites have a lot of information that you will find very helpful.  I hope they will also help you!   Best wishes.
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