Worried about long term effects of Adderall
by LisaMary, Nov 13, 2007
I have been reading about the effects of Adderall.  I have noticed in my son and step-son both that they have dispayed some signs of Autism.  I was wondering if it was a possibility that it could be another long term adverse effect of the Adderall?   They have become very nervous and fidgety, neither were before taking this medication. My step-son has the most severe sypmtoms.
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by woozy, Nov 14, 2007
Stimulant medication isn't for everyone. I  would probably talk to the doctor about bringing them off this medicine. I am 36 and couldn't tolerate Adderall, i was nervous, almost paranoid, moody..and it eventually seemed to make my ADD worse. I'm off it now and feel a thousand percent better. It took me about 5 months though before my body started making enough of it's own dopamine and I stopped feeling fatigued and depressed (it was progressive though). I take 5htp now and L tyrosine, both can help with ADD. I personally don't think kids should be on the stuff but that's just me.
by genuine203, Nov 20, 2007
Please listen to me.... By the way, I can't believe that I’m actually on one of these discussion sites, I was just looking for solutions to my problem, and hope to stop you before you create one for yourself.  
Regardless of the fact that I am anonymous, I want you to listen because I hope to save people from this terrible addiction one day; I hope to save lots of people.  It’s such an unintentional addiction for the people that start taking it , and these people are the naive sweet and innocent, who are made to believe by society that we need to transform our lives to live up to a certain social standards, or ideals.  These are also the people that are being suckered into the addiction by our nation’s ******* government’s lack of drug regulation.  Certain doctor’s have corrupted their ability to utilize their educations in a way to harm people, and people need to take it upon themselves to do what you did,   EDUCATE YOURSELF, and ask questions before you believe that people’s claim is ultimately the truth.  With enough information you can determine what’s right for you.  The only reason I am here taking the time out is to inform those that if they are addicted they aren’t alone, and if you’re not, which I’m sure you are if you are on it for more than a month, to get the hell off!!
I am a 23 year old woman.  When I was a child, I was tested over and beyond my intelligence range in comparison to the children my same age bracket, in turn, had a physiological chemical off -balance.  I was diagnosed with OCD, ADHD, ABC, DEF, you name it!!!  I had it.   My mother wasn't for putting me on medications; she was afraid of the damage it would place on my liver.   I was extremely young when I was diagnosed by the way.  Growing up I was an amazing athlete with lots of drive, I played soccer, in addition to always party with my friends.  I was also a great student; I practiced cognitive behavioral therapy, at the University of Pennsylvania, which promoted a Holistic approach of looking at typical disorders that children are labeled with.  The majority of what they did for me focused on correcting problems that coincide physiologically and physically as opposed to taking a pill.
About 2 1/2 years ago, I started taking Adderral XR 10 mg twice a day; I am currently taking 30 mg of Adderral XR 2 times a day. XR stands for Extended Release.   Sometimes, if I have that paper that I have been putting off due tomorrow, I’ll pop an extra.  But recently whether it’s a paper,  late night of drinking, extra computer time, , I’ll take one before bed and 2 the next day, note that is 150 mg in my body on occasion…”Where is my doctor in this picture?” you ask.  Right, the one responsible for monitoring me, making sure that I am ok with the side effects and such, picture this.  
I am currently a Business major, in school still, finishing up in may/June. I have now been prescribed 60 mg of adderral XR a day for the past 2 years. Maybe I’m in denial, or maybe I don’t know, but I have never been addicted to anything in my life, not drugs, not cigarettes, and now I’m stuck on both.  
When I hit college I had just started seeing this new doctor.  He was funny and energetic (probably b/c he was prescribing himself a thing or two) Well, naturally I liked him.  He made me trust him.  He started me off on Straterra , to correct my never dissolving issue of ADHD.  I personally knew nothing would work, except me working on myself. According to everyone else, nothing had worked, as I’m sure he was already aware of, oh yeah, did I mention I didn’t and still don’t have health insurance, and he was charging a college kid almost a hundred dollars a visit, so that he could do “follow ups”,?  **** ups is what he should have called all of those visits.  
Next, came the big BANG!!!!!!!!!!  This was essentially the biggest downfall of my life.  I am emotionally mentally and physically crippled because of this man.    He wound up hooking me into this addiction, made tons of money off of the college girl for himself and the Pharmacy industry of good ol’ America.  I had to work an extra job in college just to pay for all the meds, and in the moment, thought truthfully that I needed it to make me better, but by the time I realized what it was doing to me, I was so sucked in that I didn’t have time to think or worry about what to do to make me better.  “Where is he now”?  You ask?  
He began cancelling apts. To the point that I would have to just show up there, and the drive to his office, is in my hometown, 2 hours away.  I never knew how crazy it was to have to drive all the way to his office to get him, because I never stepped outside of myself, or outside of my box, self centered is what I am, but not in a selfish non giving way, in a way that I worry so much about myself.  This drug has created so many added problems with my disorder and with me that I absolutely cannot move out of bed without it.  You have no idea what withdraw from this drug is like.  I feel like a crack head, and yet I never asked for any of this.  I have never  voluntarily took this to get messed up, because I don’t have an addictive personality, but when a doctor prescribes you meds at 20 years old, you want to believe what he is giving you is legitimate.
This has been a growing issue in everywhere in my life.  I don’t have the same feelings I did before this drug.  I find it really hard to be happy.  I used to always smile, and laugh, my last episodes of this behavior where before this drug came into my life.  I have no interest in sex, boys, and by the way, I am good looking, I can say that, because trust me, it’s not a feeling of satisfaction, in fact, I have boys throw themselves at me, and don’t care, nor want to associate with them.
I think of suicide a lot, I mean at least like twice a day, the only reason I don’t do it is because I think of what it would do to the people I matter to.  I mean the real people like my mom, my family, my friends, just because I can’t feel doesn’t mean they can’t.  
I am crying while writing this letter right now, but that’s the only emotion that I seem to possess anymore, feelings of fear, worry, failure, and my future.  I don’t care about things women my age are doing, I care about how I’m going to make the most money, have the nicest things, but really I have never been that way.  The drug has made me manic, but subconsciously I know that, so I keep myself in check.  If you don’t want Jeckle and Hyde to argue inside of your brain with you as the middle man in, then stay away from this ****.  
I have to end this by telling you that this doctor refused to take anymore appointments from me.  I felt like I was a drug attic whose drug dealer was running away from them.  He would tell the secretaries in the office to say that he wasn’t there.   I would be in bed for days on end waiting for my mother, who by the way was never aware of the severity of my addiction, nor the existence, to go to his office and pickl the prescriptions up for me, because he made me feel like a lunatic.  I knew I needed the prescription but did not have the knowledge, courage, or dignity to go myself and tell him how I felt.  
I am now with another doctor up at school, who just today told me that my doctor sent him a letter stating that I corrupted the prescription and he had to dismiss me as his patient. (Not in fact the truth) This is the news that I received about a half hour ago.  So, I’m sure this is just another issue I need to deal with.  STAY AWAY ANYONE WHO READS THIS….

by lisalisa21, Dec 02, 2007
i seriously need to talk to you.
by analiviaplurabel, Aug 23, 2008
It sounds like you have addiction problems.  ADHD increases the likelyhood of drug and alcohol problems.  I am currently taking Adderall at the recommended dosage.  I never take more than I'm supposed to.  I have found it to be extremely helpful for a problem I've suffered from my entire life, without knowing what it was.  If it is not abused, it is a great help.  But, you should take into consideration the fact that it is a drug which is used recreationally, I should say, abused recreationally.  You should not assume that everyone who is taking this drug is addicted.  You may be scaring people who really can benefit from this medication.  You should consider getting help.  I personally am an alcoholic and drug addict.  I attend 12-step meeting every day (almost).  I have found peace and a new way to live.  I needed to work on the underlying problems.  Addiction is a problem that will destroy your life.  I now know that I can use the medications that I need, correctly.  I go to therapy, and AA meetings, and take my medication.  It does what it is supposed to.  It doesn't get me high, I don't take it to get high, or to stay up all night working on a paper.  I take it as directed.  I understand how tricky it can be.  I was addicted to Percocet and pot and alcohol.  I abused my medications to get through the day.
But, you can learn a new way to live and manage your life.  And, you can take medication!  Some people may not be able to tolerate Adderall.  Don't take it!  But, many of us have found it to HELP us with the addiction problems and personal issues that ADHD had caused in our lives.  I am proof of that.  
Not treating ADHD is not a very good option.  Find another doctor.  Talk to a therapist.  Get help.
You don't have to stay in pain.
And for those out there looking to get help with ADD/ ADHD, know the risks, follow the direction of your doctor, and then make up your mind.  
My life is 1,000x better after taking adderral.  And it helped me to quit drinking and abusing drugs.  I seek the help I need.  Pills alone won't fix it.
by Mitchij2004, Nov 20, 2008
Im currently on 30mg xr daily and i couldnt be happier.  I was on this same dosage for 3 years in middle school, then I dropped in High School for w/e reason.  Now im In college and started up again.  It keeps me from taking the excessive naps i usually take on a daily basis (about 4 hrs worth a day w.o meds...i know its fked up).  My GPA is the highest its ever been, and seriously you've never felt more confident in yourself and your abilities on this pill. Sure, i could just blow 2 fat rails of coke and get the same effect, But the XR is the seal of approval that you'll feel awesome for 8 hrs.  As much as i want this to be a joke im 100% serious and if someone constructs a petition to get this **** thrown in the water supply my john hancock will be the first on the list.
by 44notxyz, Dec 31, 2008
But, what if you were to reduce your dose? Say take 20mg instead. How would you feel? Or what happens on a day when you forget to take your 30mg? My guess is that you would begin to feel lethargic and not want to do anything...then you'd have irritability/who knows what else. Until you took your 30mg, then you'd be fine. My guess is your addicted. I don't recommend suddenly not taking your could throw your body into withdraw. But, what if you took just 20 one day or for two days?
by LetaB, Jan 05, 2009
  I've been taking Adderall for 10 years + and don't know what the **** some of you are ranting about! If Adderall is having some horrific effect on you may I suggest that you may have been misdiagnosed as ADHD and your brain isn't affected by it like mine is. I've gone without this drug for weeks at a time over and over and, though I wasn't in top form obviously, I never EVER had any frantic cravings for it, etc. that would cause anyone, including myself, to think I was an "addict".
  Genuine203. Have you ever considered that you are in fact bipolar and not ADD? The symptoms are identical in many ways but your deep depression, your paranoia, apathy, etc. would seem to make that diagnosis make more sense. After all, Adderall is a stimulant and the way it affected you seems extremely peculiar to me. All four of my children are diagnosed with ADD as well and have been on it for periods of time depending on their individual needs. There were some side effects such as difficulty falling asleep at night and a lack of appetite. My two older boys didn't like the way it "changed their personalities" but their teachers and I did. They were later diagnosed with other mental illnesses which made their statements more understandable. My youngest son is most badly effected by this disorder and, at the age of 12, he refuses to go to school without taking his meds. Don't rule this drug out for those of us who are correctly prescribed it and for whom it is working.
  Stimulants are too widely prescribed and ADHD is usually the first diagnosis doctors make on the way to the right one.
by Cdiz, Feb 01, 2009
THANK YOU! My thoughts exactly.
by sirmoola, Feb 16, 2009
i was forced to take adderall XR for ten years with varying dosages. before i started taking it and at first i was in the upper range as far as intelligence goes and my grades in school were great. i would be near the top percentile on any standerdized tests i took and things were fine. but after taking it for about 3 years things went down hill. i went from all A's to all D's and became lazy or unmotivated. the medicine still helped me concentrate but that was about it.
so basically my grades suffered. Later after almost failing year after year but still being quite a smart kid things got even worse. it started to make me depressed and anti-social, and bad thoughts were of course running through my head, i felt like i was going crazy. my thoughts were always jumbled and i could never think straight. So i decided ill tell my doctors, they'd fix this. Their bright idea was to up the dosage! i can honestly say this period was one of the worst times of my life.
After basically falling into a deep hole of depression i decided enough was enough. After ten years i quit taking my medicine. i had to pretend to take it in front of my parents then throw it out when i got to school. the withdraw was horrible but lasted only a month. so i continued to throw away the meds and little by little i started feeling better until i felt like a normal person, as much as possible.
at this point i told my parents what was going on, i dont know if they believed me or if they thought, hell he went through this much trouble just to get out of taking it lets not waste our money, but they stopped making me take it.
everyday i wonder how life would have been if i wasn't forcefed adderall for ten years. i know it messed me up, i still find myself having delusions and freaking out like i did when i was on the meds but it barely ever happens. i wrote this not because they should stop prescribing it but because doctors and patients should listen to the children. i hated hearing my doctor say time and time again, "its not the medicine, its just you" parents listen to your children, and do some research when you decide to give your child a drug that is molecules away from being cocaine.
I wish i would have never taken the drug because i can honestly say it ruined my life in some ways, but the drug does do good for some people, just not me. I still have problems in school, i have a 2.0 GPA in college. i know i could do better but things just dont click in my head like they did when i was younger. i understand everything i go over but dont have the drive to do anything with it. i just sit there and stare at a computer instead of doing the work.
i know all this sounds crazy but thats partly because i stumbled upon this website and its really late and i have class tomorrow and im super tired. just live above the ignorance and talk to your children!