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my son is ADHD and bipolar
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my son is ADHD and bipolar

my 6 year old was diagnosed ADHD when he was 5 and now I found out he has also just recently been diagnosed bipolar we always suspected it it biological father is bipolar anyway we have just switched dr because i didn't like the dr we were going to infact i didn't even know he had diagnosed him bipolar till his pediatrician had requested a copy of his diagnoses because she did not understand the meds that dr put him on. right now he is on foclin he was on metadate cd but the new dr we are seeing switched him to the foclin he is also on tenex, ritalin and resperidol (risperidone) i hate having him on meds and i hate what they do to him does anyone have any other ideas that could help we have tried behavior therapy and without the meds he actually hurts himself to the point where he has needed stitches please help
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I am so sorry your son and you are going threw this,

I myself don't like the side effects these drugs do to children ,who have no say.

I would like to ask,has he had blood work done ,to make sure all these drugs that he has been put on  is not damning his little body.And to also to make sure that his blood levels are normal and not causing him to act out.

Let me tell you my son was on adderall (adderrall) and concerta and then started having seizures.And still is having them even with medicines and a VNS put in last June. I wish I had never put him on the drugs.And now I worry about all the drugs he has to take to try and stop the seizures.

I didn't read anything about how he is in School with his learning or being hipper,on the drugs or off the drugs.

Is his dad part of his life ,I think we as Parents ,Teacher,Doctors All need to look at everything that has happen in his life and is happening. And I find that a lot  of people don't talk to Children like they do adults .I find if you sit down and talk to them like they are people to .

I give my son Vitamin B6 and Omega 3-6-9 and it has helped him learn and calm down some,and not get so stressed ,and also tell him to relax and tell us what is wrong.I will not ever give any of my children those drugs,they are like speed and witch is just what people on the streets take and have a hard time coming off of.And some have seizures from taken them along with other health problems.
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