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Hi there i have a child with ADHD and developmenmtal delay ,so she is 6 and works at the stage of a 3 to 4 year old. i am finding it hard to find things for her to do and keep her sustained. the problem is maybe she is competing with her sister of 10 who can sit still, can talk and a normal pace not loud.
Miss 6 yells and things that we get her that are her interests, after a while become boring and she will not play with.

i have also bought some PECS CARDS as these im told are good when she is in a hyped mood, has anyone got any suggestions please.
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Not sure, but I would find something that she is really good at...maybe coloring?
Tell her how good she is... Tell her big sister to go along with it. Maybe this will boost her self-esteem and she'll want to do even better. Throw in some new ideas after a week or so. If it's the coloring she likes to do for example,then after about a week try giving her a felt poster to color. Challenge her. Tell her to color in between the lines as well as she can...possibly offer a reward such as an ice cream (or whatever inexpensive thing she likes) for incentive.
Don't feel the need to rush and buy new things...look around the house and convert old things into new things. An old doll that's been in the closet for 6 months could suddenly become a new doll.
Try simple crafts...things that she will be able to complete in an hour or less.
Glueing leaves to paper and drawing around them, paper hats, anything that she can make with only a little help from you and that she can finish before her mind wanders again. It will make her feel good about herself,and she'll begin to realize that there are things she can do on her own...things she can actually me,this is important.
She'll want to do more and more after awhile.
I have ADD and I feel the need to be challenged constantly...but not by things that I can't do. Don't throw a bunch of math problems my way or I'll panic and run simply because I know I can't do it. See what I'm saying?
I know how your daughter feels,as I too get bored easily. I constantly start projects that are never completed...sad but true. Most often than not it's because I feel inadequate...
I feel overwhelmed as well. I constantly need new and exciting things to fill my life.
It will be a challenge for you as her parents and later in life it will be a challenge for her. There are many discoveries to be made and she will find them. Until then just have patience (which I know is family tells me this all the time lol)and love her the best you can.
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