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opinions of adhd? patients and practitioners
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opinions of adhd? patients and practitioners

I'm a 27 year old university student trying to finish my undergrad in finance. I've had issues my entire life getting through school and would be embarrassed to post my university grades anonymously let alone show them to an employer. My school was threatening to kick me out and I explained my situation to them. A counsellor suggested I speak to a psychologist and I was recently diagnosed with ADHD. I’ve been prescribed 40mg of vyvance one day and 50mg the next. I must admit that it has had a remarkable effect on my grades recently.

Finance has taught me, for good or ill, that any and all information requires validation. I poured through the internet and my school library on books, posts, and medical journals about adhd. I'm no med student (never even took biology in high school) so much of it was another language to me, but there seemed to be as much information in favour of the existence of adhd, its treatment and medication, as there was against it. I was very surprised to that adhd medication is an amphetamine; isn’t that like methamphetamines, a highly addictive and destructive drug? (though I’m sure 40mg is much less than "street" value). I’m really hoping to get some insight from others about their opinions, findings, and observations.

Adult patients:

How do you feel about your diagnosis? About adhd in general? Do you believe it’s a "disease" or is the medication just a short term fix for some future alternative? Does it seem like adhd is an adequate diagnosis or a misdiagnosis of something else? Is there such thing as adhd at all or just failure in education/ parenting/ something else? What medication are you on? Has it helped? How do you feel about it staying on it indefinitely, or have you already quit/ considered stopping medication in the future? How do you feel about any information about adhd you've been given/read?

Medical students or practitioners (of any level):

How do you feel about the diagnosis of adhd in a patient? How do you feel about the prescription of amphetamines for a psychological illness? Is it really a "disease"? How do you feel about long term use of adhd medication? Are any long-term side effects outweighed by productivity gains? Are there non-prescription alternatives (such as behavioural modification and cognitive behavioural therapy) that you think could replace medication? Do you think there needs to be any treatment at all or is it some failure in the patient’s development/ environment?

As always, any and all input is greatly appreciated. As for patients, I’m mostly interested in hearing from adults though input from parents on child diagnoses are appreciated as well.
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Are you researching something?  

If you are doing better, I'm pleased for you.  good luck
   I'm neither a patient or a practitioner.  But I have been monitoring this site for a long time.  I've also taught many, many kids with ADHD.  So if you have any specific questions I can help you with - please feel free to post.  And I would really like to hear about any answers you get that wouldn't appear on this forum.
   I have found out that the info for and against it has always kind of amazed me.  Most of the negative stuff has probably come from groups with religious beliefs that forbid medications and their influence on others.  And some does rightly come from people who have had horrible experiences with meds - mainly (in my opinion) from incompetent doctors.  So there outrage would be very understandable.
   The fact that you were surprised that stims were used has the predominate medication does indicate a certain lack of knowledge.  Not unusual.  I've acquired tons of sites over the last  years on ADHD.
   I think two of the best in terms of just plain facts are the ones I have listed below.  Check them out.
   Note: They are long and kind of technical and not the kind of a site I would recommend to a first time parent.
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