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How long will w/d last
Hello all,

Thank you all for listening my wife and I have been on oxy for about 8 months now. We were splitting anywhere from 2-10 30mgs a day via smoking off foil. I had become clean before I met her from about 1yr of taking about 100mgs A day and the withdrawals were terrible. We have blown through about 40,000 big ones in 7 months that we could be using for a down payment on a house or god knows what. We are now completely broke and have decided to quit because we wasted our savings and hard work on getting high. We are quitimg completely cold turkey no taper or use of any drugs. I guess my question is how long will this last for only 8 month abuse I hate to see her suffer since she is the love of my life and I pretty much did this to her (gave her the option to try one) we are currently on about 37 hours clean with very little sleep we are both potheads so we still have an appetite and some way to clear our mind but I hate to see her suffering at night what can I do please any advice would help.

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