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Hydros & somas
I ask the pain management secutary how long have I been here( I was already to quit) 7-9-09 after doing the math,I spent $2760. Yes I was I pain,but it was manageable. Cortisone shots worked..I just receive them in my hamstring after suffering 3 year. I mostly took 4 a day each. The 1time I took more,I blank out.. Never again. Dec 6 2012 after meeting with my thyroid doctor,that was it. I went to PM and said take me off.the plan was for me to taper down until dec20. ( Omgosh,that would be a disaster on Xmas) dec 7 3 soma/hydro dec 8 210 mg hydro/2soma dec 9 2 hydro 1soma dec10 2 5mg hydro dec11 2 5mg hydro .dec12 2 5mg hydro dec13 my last hydro 5mg.. Withdraw from soma stomach crap/dir within 8 hours..it wasnt bad. Dec14 I thought I was going to be sick,I wasn't but 24 later..wasn't good no sleep popping bad sweats no sleep.. IT'S MANAGEABLE.. PPL HAD ME SCARED.. Watching football 81 hours later..I feel better.i just let my body work. Feverish hot cold eat & drink if u can. Can wait to see how I feel in the am
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