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Will I have withdrawals
Hi.   I had knee issues and have been taking hydrocodone approximately 20 days.  I started off with 20ct 7.5/750 and then was given 60ct  7.5/750 and then given 60ct 7.5/325 and the last script was for 60 5/325.   Since they give the feeling of pleasure I was abusing them in the evening hours.  The larger ones I would take 5 or 6 each night,  and for this last week I was taking 8 of the 5/325 each evening and one or two during the day.   Last night was the last time I took a large dosage (5 of the 5/325) and I kept 3 pills put aside for possible withdrawals for the next few nights.  

Given this level can someone let me know if I will have bad withdrawals and if so... how long will I feel like crap?   Today I feel very restless and tired.   My plan was to take 1 of the 3 remaining 5/325 before bed for the next 3 days to help me sleep as well as wean off.   I don't have any more refills and I don't want any, but I also don't want to suffer.

Any insight would be great.

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