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Adult overactive oil glands and acne
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Adult overactive oil glands and acne

I am 23 and have had nearly the same level of acne for several years.  My skin produces too much oil.  It is worst in the afternoon and causes my skin to shine and appear wet.  I have severe acne with blackheads, whiteheads, and nodules (which clear over time on their own).  I am lucky to only have one small scar and do not have a face that is always covered.  The problem areas change and I still never have a truly clear face.  I wash in the morning and night with mild soaps for oily skin.  Apply an oil-fighting deep cleaning astringent in the mornings and use oil free spf 17 foundation.  I am interested in an oral prescription (several recommendations preferred) and opinions on photodynamic therapy for acne.  I now work in China in a small city and don't fully trust the oral options presented here.  (They keep wanting to whiten me with creams despite my very fair skinned completion) I need to know my options before my short trip back to the states. Thank you for your time.
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Hi there,

Good for you for listening to your gut about bleaching creams and treatments for  acne. Any harsh products can only further irritate the skin, which we all know can lead to all sorts of other breakouts. I've definitely been a victim of that.
Your cleansing routine sounds good for your skin type. Mild ingredients for a face wash is your best bet, along with stronger ingredients for a night-treatment. If you have not tried benzoyl peroxide, I highly recommend it to keep oiliness under control. It is a quick-working zit zapper and prevents new ones from forming on your trouble zones. Just be sure to apply a very thin layer so as not to overdry the skin.
Then I would take a look at your diet. At 23 your skin is more apt to respond to changes in diet and skincare routine as you have passed puberty and your body is not continuously being pumped with sebum-producing hormones. Reduce or eliminate all oily foods/vitamins/supplements including nuts, seeds, sauces/dressings, saturated and trans fats, as well as white carbs. Yes, omega 3s and 6s are good for the skin, but nonetheless they are still oils and can contribute to acne. I can assure you that if you reduce your intake in these, you will notice a less oily complexion.
Concentrate on a clean diet consisting of fruits and veggies, lean protein and moderate-to-little amounts of wheat and dairy.
From personal experience, research and education I believe that diet plays an enormous role in skin care. Anyone who tells you otherwise hasn't had first-hand experience.
Finally if you're still set on trying an oral medication, antiandrogens (similar to birth control pills but more likely to help) are known to be effective. Antiandrogens are medications that prevent androgens (hormones) from stimulating the oil glands.

If I can be of any further assistance, send me a message!
All the best,
hi, does the antiandrogens need prescriptions? and does it work like bcp? like you have to take it evry day of every month etc...more clarification please
As I now live in China...they just like white skin here.  I have it and to become more pale is not my goal.  I just added that bit as an indicator of my difficulties in finding safe options in another culture.  The diet here is all cooked veggies and noodles with a good bit of oil which I avoid as much a possible.  Seeing as how it is far more difficult to make additional changes to my already healthy diet I am truly interested in any medical options.  I do not want products that treat the problem once it is visible.  I also believe that a large part of my problem is hereditary.  Taking anything remotely like a birth control is not what I am looking for.  I want to know what has worked for others in terms of medications and treatments like photodynamic therapy.  Thanks again.
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