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Mystery Blotches 1st time in my life at 34 ys old.
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Mystery Blotches 1st time in my life at 34 ys old.

I'm a 34 year old fair skinned female. I have psoriasis ... which is mild due to my change in diet (eating Paleo).

I know I also have PCOS. Losing weight slowly... no drinking or smoking. I am not on any medications, nor do I take herbs or vitamins. I do take birth control in the form of contraceptive gel. (trying to give a decent health history here)

So currently I have been having a bad time with getting itchy blotches, and an actual small raised hive sometimes during these breaking out of blotches. This started either Friday during my sleep or Saturday 2/24/12 after a shower in the morning (when I started feeling itchiness).

As of this morning I am still getting blotchiness and itchiness. I have seen my Dr. the day before yesterday.

The things I may have done differently are: used *Tiger Balm* for the first time on Friday and Saturday 2x. Used a new brand of contraceptive gel 2x. I sat by a creek on Friday after my boys were off school to have a ice cream.. this is in a wooded area. We sat on rocks for about 20 minutes. As I said these blotches go away with benadryl and my Dr wasnt concerned with environmental exposure. I just wanted to mention it.

During Friday, Saturday, Sunday and maybe even Monday without even questioning it I was eating sugar free chocolate due to the low carb count. I normally do not eat those, but I have ate them frequently as far as last year and not ever had a reaction to them. I do remember having some bedside and popping in a couple here and there without thinking they could be causing any issue.

So Tuesday at bed I had 2 benadryl, a zantac (my Dr. suggested to use this to decrease the need for benadryl as it has antihystamine) and a steroid, Dr prescribed. I woke Wednesday morning with no reaction. I did think I felt an itch here and there but no noticeable blotches or hives. I took nothing Wednesday. I got a decaf coffee with cream in the morning and nothing to eat until 2 pm. (I'm super paranoid about eating and drinking anything).

Wednesday afternoon for lunch I got chicken salad from my farm. Im sure the recipe is just chicken breast, celery, and mayo. I don't eat bread so thats all I ate. However, when I wanted to run and grab a seltzer the cashier charged me and told me to go back and pick it up when I was done checking out. In the brand I picked (Boylan's) they had no seltzer left. I reluctantly got a diet cream soda.

I got home and ate, drank 3/4s of the bottle of diet cream soda and immediately blotched out. Now like I said, I didn't have benadryl since the evening before at bedtime. Say, maybe 8:30 pm.

I immediately looked at the ingredients. I have had these in the past here and there with no issue, but I saw that sucralose was an ingredient. It immediately made me question the sugar free chocolates, which I know now also contain sucralose.

Now being yesterday morning I woke up with no issues, and now I had that stupid diet soda yesterday, today I woke with more itchy blotches again. Could it just be interacting with something else I have in my system that I am allergic to?

Could this be an allergy to sucralose? Are there any weird viruses going around that could cause this?

I don't have any body aches or anything, but I did have a slight cold last week that made me feel run down.

As a side note, I don't eat any grains or nuts, peanuts, coconut. None of those things are in my diet. I stay away from them because grains make my psoriasis worse and its looking really really good and mild these days, nuts hurt my stomach (not allergic that I know of). So being I shop and eat mostly from my farm, and the local produce section of the grocery store; I can rule out a lot lot lot of stuff.

I know the tiger balm has a lot of strong herbal oils in it and warns about sensitive skin and reactions on it, but all these days later could it be in my system? I last used it on Saturday. This is now Thursday.

Is it possible my diet has become so restrictive that my body is now rejecting sucralose? I seemed to react immediately one morning to decaf tea with milk and liquid stevia.. (only ingredients in the stevia is the stevia and grapefruit extract and I have been using it plently for years with no issues). ((and by the way I have never had any issue with teas and every tea I drank this week I used a different brand to be sure it wasn't that!))

I am at a loss but this has been going on for 6 days now and I have never experienced anything in my life like this. I had a pellegrino mineral water this morning and started getting blotches. I doubt its from that, but Im started to fear everything I ingest!

If a Dr. reads this please any feedback would be appreciated. I know this is long, but I am trying to give all the information I have so to be informative.
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Hi there!

Well, without a clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of the lesions. Possibilities that may need to be considered include allergies, infections, inflammations, a few autoimmune/ primary skin conditions, systemic issues, hormonal/ endocrine issues etc. I would suggest getting this evaluated by a primary care physician initially and depending on the cause diagnosed/ suspected it can be managed accordingly or specialist care may be sought.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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