Pimples in my hairline on the neck
by RedRaiderInTexas, Nov 06, 2007
For about the past year, I get pimples on the back of my neck, within the lower part of my hair line.
I've discussed it with the lady who cuts my hair and she cannot figure out what is causing them.

I've tried rubbing Sea Breeze on my neck twice a day, yet still, I get these huge, sore, pimples or bumps that never seem to come to a head.

My wife is beginning to wonder if they are in-grown hairs.  I have never had this problem before in my life until this past year or so.  They are very sore and I cannot figure out what is causing them or how to get rid of them.

My hair stylist suggested rubbing Tea Tree Oil on them since the Sea Breeze wasn't working.

Any ideas?

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by romeo0830, Nov 07, 2007
Hi I am constantly getting in grown hairs on the back of my neck as well, I stopped shaving my neck for 2 months and used cortizone creams and such but nothing gets rid of these bumps. I no they are in grown hairs. I once had one that looked like a huge tumor. If you can imagine the embarasment these portray, if there is anyone out there please help us.
by RedRaiderInTexas, Nov 07, 2007
I don't know if mine are in-grown hairs or not.  They are above the hair line, so mine aren't affected by me shaving my neck.  They are inside my hair growth and they hurt so bad.

I have no idea why I've started to get them.  I never had the problem before, until about a year ago.  It is driving me crazy.
by markusd_, Nov 18, 2008
I have the same exact problem! It has been this way for the past year. I have tried psoriasis shampoo, have put salicyclic acid meds on them, washed my hair every other day instead of every day, etc, etc and nothing has helped. It has actually started going all along my temples now too. is this going to spread all over my head? These aren't in grown hairs.
by Naveed3434, Jan 15, 2009
I've had these for a couple years now, it gets really bad, I thinking I'm picking the pimples in my sleep because I'm starting to see blood on my pillow.  Going to ask my doctor to refer me to a dermatoligist next month.  I've heard of people having this and getting rid of it with certain shampoos, anyone heard the same thing?
by jalo28, Nov 23, 2009
I was not able to find answers here. But it's my opinion - this is actually caused by the pillow. I started to use the Tempur-Pedic style pillow. I get in-grown hairs only on one side of my hairline in the back. My hair already grows really fast. My right hand side of the back of my neck has plenty of in-grown hairs. Once the hair is growing, it meets with pressure and a block (pillow) per say. It does not help that my skin is already oily. This combination has caused hairs to turn back in to my skin and become in-grown. The only solution for me at this point is to grab a mirror and pick these out with a needle. Then pluck them out with tweezers. This activity still leaves irritation or scabs after I take them out.
I have always slept to one side. I experimented (it was hard) sleeping facing the other way. Sure enough, the other side of the back of my neck started to develop ingrown hairs. I hope someone has a better solution to this. I have tried Nair, but I still have to pick at these hairs. Very time consuming. Not too big of a difference.
by D_J324, Feb 17, 2010
All... I recommend that you read about Seborrhoeic eczema. I have the same symptoms and this sounds like the problem.  

Treatment includes:
1) Medicated shampoos containing ketoconazole, ciclopirox, selenium sulfide, zinc pyrithione, coal tar, and salicylic acid, used twice weekly for at least a month and if necessary, indefinitely.
2) Steroid scalp applications reduce itching, and should be applied daily for a few days every so often.
3) Tar cream can be applied to scaling areas and removed several hours later by shampooing.

Good luck!
by MG22, Feb 17, 2010
I started using the ZENMED products and found them very good...

The cleaner is good and also the capsules help with the balance of oils in your skin...

"This is a gentle, pH balanced gel cleanser designed specifically for troubled skin. Used twice a day, this formulation will not cause dryness or irritation common with major brand named cleansers."


by cquein, Mar 31, 2010
I personally disagree with the pillow theory, I am pretty sure that I have had a few different types of pillows during this issue. I was also slept on my stomach alot when this first happened and I still had them.  I have had this issue for about 4 years.  The only thing that has worked for me so far is presription meds, I think it was a low dose antibiotic.  It worked great when I was taking them. I would like to find the answer to the problem.  Why the outbreaks?  I can be clear for a month or so and then BAM! Breakout!  Used the same shampoos, tried washing my neck before going to bed.........Whats the answer?
by jmandss, Dec 16, 2010
I've had these damn things for about a year also.  I even thought it may be some form of skin cancer, because I could not even start the number of times in my life that the back of my neck has been sunburned!  I pick at these bastards all the time and they never heal, just a thick, flakey skin grows over and i pick it off.  yes I know I'm a picker freak.  I can remember my Dad having these bumps on the back of his neck when I was growing probley same age as i am now 45.  I use to stick pins and everything in to his and he would just sit and I would stick the pin in deep looking for ingrown hairs.  damn he was tough,  my wife tried to do that to me, and i almost jumprd through the roof.  my Dad is a much tougher man than me.  I've also noticied that mine are at my hairline, but also in that little fat roll of skin on the back of my neck.  The fat roll may also have something to do with it as I didn't have fat roll 10 years ago.  I'm still not convinced it's not some type of sun damaged skin or even a form of cancer.  Guess I need to have my Dr check it out, mine don't hurt like a true ingrown hair hurts, they just bug the crap out of me.  Let me know if anyone figures it out.