Red rash around both sides of the nose
by alanlewis4790, Nov 26, 2006
Hi, well like 2-3 years ago I developed a rash around both sides of my nose, not on the nose itself, but around it. After a few months it just.....dissapered. Well about 2 months ago it came back, but this time it wont go away, it gets dry and starts to get flaky/crusty. Sometimes it's really bad, sometimes it's barely noticable. I've been recently puttin neosporin on the area for about a month it seems to be helping but on the back it says contact a doctor if you need to use it more than a week, which i have. What do you think this could be/what should i use to help it go away quicker?
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by pricej, Dec 02, 2006
It sounds like dry skin. The area around my nose does the same thing and is always red. Everybody's skin is different but you should try "Ponds clarifying face clothes" sp. It is for sensitive skin but works wonders. On one side it exfoliates and on the other it is a moisturizer. They are like 7$ for 20 clothes but well worth it to me.
by lhowell, Dec 29, 2006
I know I'm responding late and I'm not even sure you're revisting this post, but here goes anyway.  Seems you have a mild case of eczema.  A dermatoloogist will probably Rx MetroGel which is pretty pricey ($104 for a large tube).  I've found over-the-counter 1% Hydrocortisone to work best, (especially Wal-Mart's Equate brand for $3 per tube).  A small amount applied daily will clear it right up in about 2-3 days.  I use it daily and it keeps any flare-ups at bay.
by cirella, Feb 16, 2007
My post is late, too, but just wanted to say that it could be contact dermatitis.  I'd go see a dermatologist for it.  I had it around my nose and mouth and was prescribed a topical eurthremiacin (sp).  Cleared it up almost immediately.

Good luck.
by kel512, Jul 15, 2010
I found a name for this, Perioral Dermatitis, check out for more info.
by mt03, Aug 25, 2010
I get this EVERY summer almost. and my boyfriend yells at me for rubbing it. it doesn't itch its just me knowing it is there so i touch it. my mom told me it's probably from cross contamination... (like make-up, or face lotion) who knows. but for anyone who gets this... i went to the doctor along time ago and he told me to use vagisel...yah strange and quite embarassing, but i use it and it works. it starts dissapearing within 2 days and you'll notice it's gone in a week or so if you  just stay ontop of it. use it before you go to bed. I hate that dumb "rash" it's embarassing and enoying!
by luceygoosey, Jan 12, 2011
From the sounds of your symptoms, I think it's PERIORAL DERMATITIS.
Do NOT use steroid creams as they make it go away at first, then it comes back with a vengeance.
See a dermatologist and ask if this is what you have.
You will need about 3 months of tetracycline or, better, doxycylone (sp?). Also the dermatologist will give you cream to help with the burning and itching, but don't use one that has the consistency of vaseline. Get one that's like a moisturizer.
this is a complete downer to have. i got rid of it once, then it came back. hard on the emotions and self-esteem. there are a lot of websites dedicated to perioral dermatitis. Good luck