Something more than a blackhead
by Silasariee, Sep 08, 2007
okay. im not sure just what im dealing with, but its the second time. i had this thing on my eye brow, at the end next to the bridge of my nose, and it was a little raised bump with a black dot in the middle, (like a blackhead?) it wouldnt go away for about 2 months, so i picked it thinking it was like a normal blackhead, but then something resembling a litle hard white round thing came out, and left a little white skin looking thing covering the hole. i picked it out and what followed was a large, white hard round thing that looked like one of those little yellow round bird seeds. strange yes? after that it left a clear round hole with a seriously deep hole inside about 2 millimeters deep.
what is it??!!
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by me_ow_05, Oct 10, 2007
Milia- Also called white heads, Are whitis pearl-like masses of sebum and dead cell under the skin. Millia are more common in dry skin types and may form after skin trauma, such as laser resurfacing!

Tubercle- an abnormal rounded, solid bump, larger than a pimple. Extends into the dermis or subcutaneous tissues, 0.5-2 cm.

I am studying to become an esthetician and I got these definitions out of my textbook. But I have had, and seen blackheads that were very large and left holes just like the one you speak of. If the scar is bothersome, there is something you can do about it, microdermabrasion treatments, chemical peels or laser resurfacing. Talk to a dermatologist or esthetician!