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Sudden Breakout?
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Sudden Breakout?

Last week I woke up with a couple of spots on my forehead. As the week progressed more and more began to appear on my forehead. Eventually they also came up near my eyebrows, temples, cheeks, nose, around my mouth and now there are a couple on my neck and back, too.

The spots don't look like bites but they are a bit itchy and sore.

Off and on for the past year i've had 5 or 6 spots appear on my chin which go away on their own after a couple of days. But nothing like this.

I did have this once before last year, a huge cluster of itchy spots around my mouth for which I was given anti-biotics but the doctor didn't know what it was and said it didn't look like acne.

I went to the doctor day before yesterday but again she said she had no idea what it was and has given me Zineryt to put on them (no improvement so far, but boy does that stuff sting).

Has anyone got any idea what's going on? I'm worried because over the week they have spread and more have appeared (right now i can feel some coming up on my jaw line).

I'm not on any medication, my diet is healthy, no allergies. I'm 23, female and have never really suffered with acne.

I've attached some pics (bad lighting, spots are redder than they look in the photos).

In the first pic it looks like a lot of skin coloured bumps but they are actually red but you can see how many of them there are.


Pic 2 (chin):
Pic 3:
Pic 4 (temple):
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Hi there!

Well, without a clinical evaluation it would be difficult to say what these could be; though these look less like acne and more like an allergic reaction/ small subcutaneous cysts/ infection. You could try taking an anti-histaminic along with the zineryt and see if this seems to help. If you do not notice it would be best to have this examined by a dermatologist for appropriate management.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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