Tunnels and recurring acne in the same location
by soldier2010, Dec 06, 2009

I have two different acne issues that I need help with. My first issue is that sometimes when I get a pimple it will come do it's thing and then go away but I seem to get frequent pimples that are kinda deep under the skin compared to the normal ones and these ones won't go away for anything. When I say it won't go away it basically clears up and appears as normal skin for the most part but there is a little bump and when I squeeze it this thick white stuff comes out...different than a nomal's way more thick and "clean".  I have a couple of these currently. One is on the back of my neck, behind my ear and in my pubic region. I've had the SAME ones for like a year now..i just keep squeezing it when it starts to feel a little raised up on the skin. I don't know what's wrong but it really bothers me that this stuff keeps growing when the initial pimple was gone so long ago. How can I stop these things from "refilling" or growing and just empty them out for good.

My other issue is almost the same except I have a couple other areas where the same issue happened but instead of clearing up it left like a little tunnel in the skin with open ends. It's not like a sore or anything which is weird, it's just a little tiny hole at each end of the tunnel...i squeeze it sometimes because it's a little raised and that same white stuff comes out of both ends like a tunnel. The holes are really tiny and i can't fit anything in it to clean it out and i've tried putting ointments on the outside of the skin to kill the bacteria that keeps festering in there but it doesn't help.

So all in all, i just need to know how I can clear this up and stop these "tunnels" and old pimples that keep refilling with white stuff. Also, I get boils every 6 months or so which sometimes also leave these tunnels or chambers with white stuff.

I'm guessing that I have some kind of infection in my skin or blood that allows these bacteria to just live and multiply with no problem. It really bothers me, one of these old pimples has been chambered on my left temple for almost two years now and it just keeps refilling, it's pretty annoying.

Please give me your advice on what treatment I need and what kind of medications. I know I'll end up seeing a doctor probably but I would like to know myself. Thanks!
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by brandy681, Dec 09, 2009
You really don't need to pop the pimples, they will burst and heal on there own. It takes a few days longer but if you burst it, can leave a scar under the skin.

I am not sure of your age ?? But you need to get on a pill that helps acne and bith control and it will heal better then anything else.

Creams just over dry the skin and all in all do not help.

Use Noxzema the old bottle, face wash. It cleans the skin without over drying. It is not for pimples.. It does help you to not get pimples... I hate creams that over dry the skin with harsh chemicals. Let me know if this helps!

Thanks and good luck!
by Peaches2009, Dec 13, 2009
Once you have a pimple, or especially the cyctic acne, occur in one spot, that por is stretched and never goes back to its same size, therefore it is prone to fill up again and again.  

Its very common to get acne in the same spot over and over again.
by jjjayne, Jan 13, 2010
They might actually not all be pimples. The ones that keep refilling might actually be cysts. You shouldn't pop those anymore. They need to be removed by a dermatologist or else they might never go away and they will just build up more and more scar tissue around them.