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acne after megadoses of b12 - possible candidas!?
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acne after megadoses of b12 - possible candidas!?

I am in my late 20s and earlier this year I ended up in a hospital for extremely low blood levels. It turned out to be pernicious anemia for which I was given half a dozen b12 shots (1mg/each) for a short period and then a few more monthly, and eventually started taking b12 sublingual pills (1mg)

A month or so after starting the b12, I noticed some minor skin problems (similar to acne) but nothing bothersome. But a couple of months later my back and my shoulders were all over with acne. I went to a dermatologist (in fact two), but they couldn't see why b12 would cause that and prescribed a standard acne treatment (skin cleanser, topical solution, and antibiotics right away / if the former weren't efficient enough). Somewhat reluctant I started the treatment and it has shown improvement so far...

...but this weekend when I had a lot of olive oil and balsamic vinegar with fresh bread (hadn't had that for some time), I expected my skin to be more irritated the next day, but the strangest thing happened - it was better than usual in the morning. That made me think and I searched around until I ended up reading about yeast infection - and I did the self test with saliva in a glass of water in the morning (two days in a row) - both times with strings like legs in a matter of seconds and cloudy saliva in the bottom in ten-twenty minutes (so, it seems to be clearly positive).

Could it cause my acne?
Is the positive self-test for candida yeast infection clear indication of having it (or something else)?


p.s. I know I have to see my doctor, but he is away until Christmas and I am going to his office right after that
First, I don't think anything in your diet will change your skin dramatically in a short time period. So the clearing up the next day after bread probably isn't connected.

I also have low b12 and low iron. I had nutiritional deficiency testing done and found I'm actually low on B3, zinc, and Vitamin D too. Some of these deficiencies can cause acne. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that's it!

Let me know what you find out. I'm interested in candida (as I was on antibiotics all the time as a sick child and did over two years as a teen for acne) and it's connection to stuff going on in my body. I did a month of probiotics but didn't really notice any changes except more regular BMs.

I'm 26 and noticed that after starting weekly b12 injections that my back became more oily (no breakouts though). I didn't make the connection, because I started quite a few supplements and trial runs on medications for other things.

Lots of words to say, I don't know but let me know what you find out! =)
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