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acne/whitheads milia

I m 57 years young and have been experiencing Acne/Milia since I started my menapause at the age of 40  when I was prescribed HRT.
I have seen a dermatologist who suggested  I stop taking my HRT because it was causing the Acne/MIlia.
She suggested other treatments including some with very bad side affects so I refused.
I came off of the HRT and was experiencing very bad menapausal symtoms (symptoms) and had to go back on the HRT even though I had .tried so many natural alternatives previously  and nothing had worked..
I have tried so many treatments of Acne/Milia products and they have not worked and some have made the acne/Milia worse.
I have changed my diet to help the Acne/Milia with no success.
I have even had some of the Milia removed by a beautician but they have returned.  
I am allergic to dairy so have to have soya and goats milk products.  
I thought that this would help but it did not
I kept  to a low fat diet and that has not worked.
I have tried Retin A but that did not work either.
I cleanse my skin thoroughly and have tried exfoliators but found some can be harse and painful.
So what next!

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Acne is hormonal and there is little evidence that diet affects it. The only things that could make it worse are products which contain milk as it has hormones in, and you're avoiding these already. Estee Lauder make a very good exfoliator which is not too harsh. Clarins also make a cleanser and exfoliator in one made from oranges which is suitable for sensitive skin. Good luck.
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