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large hard bump under skin
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large hard bump under skin

I periodically get these large (between the size of a dime and quarter) painful bumps that seem deep under the skin.  They are red and hot, but do not seem to be filled with fluid or puss.  They do not move.  The top layer of skin often tears off after becoming paper thin (from being stretched over the bump?)  I am a picker, and while I don't seem to get anything but blood out, (and of course skins...digging deep) it remits.  However, it does seem to return in various spots on a monthly basis.  (hormonal I suppose)  Do you know what this curious visitor might be?  It lasts forever if I don't pick it--I have tried!
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Hi. This could be cystic acne. Picking at it will spread bacteria under the skin leading to further outbreaks. This can also cause permanent scarring.
You're right, it is caused by hormones called androgens which stimulate the grease-glands in the skin. If you have high levels of androgens, or a particular sensitivity to their actions, you may produce too much oil. The glands then become blocked with excess oil and bacteria which feeds off the oil, and spots form.
Female acne patients may benefit from taking a combined oral contraceptive pill because oestrogen blocks the action of androgens. Avoid the depot shot, hormonal IUD and mini-pill which can induce acne.
Unfortunately, I am not a good candidate for oral contraceptives (blood clotting issues and 4-+).  What should I do when I get these bumps?  Picking, which seems to remove skin does make it dispapate, although I know it is not the best course of action...however leaving them be results in them least with picking I can get rid of them!  Gross, I know.
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