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white small round bumps on my lips
from last 4-5 years i noticed that a layer forming on my upper lips.which consists of white small round shape i have
no idea that what is it .its very thin layer that negligibly seen due to this layer i have no problem regarding pain,lips
cracking or whatever etc..

pls guide me in a right direction coz i have already consult with skin specialist he told me that " there is no problem at all & if you found it looks bad on your face so we can do the laser treatment.through that we can burn that layer
& it will look normal after that ".

personally what i have observed that  layer forming growth is very slow which you can't seen in a month.it takes
3-4 months to create a one or two small round shape near the existing layer its only i feel when i look in a mirror
may be its wrong observation i really do not know...

pls help to get out of this problem.
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