young children and pimples
by ny2125, Feb 18, 2008
can a young child (say 5 yrs. old) get a pimple on the face?  why would they get this?  do you just let it run its course?  
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by silvadighton2005, Mar 16, 2008
My son is 5 years old as well and I was wondering the same thing.  He's never had anything like that prior to now and it's like little whiteheads on his cheeks.  Is it normal?  What can we do to reduce the appearance/occurence of them?  He overall has a very balanced diet and does drink a lot of water.
by DWBH1988, Aug 14, 2008
I would just have to say not to worry and for god sakes do not let him worry. The worst part of having a pimple is to constantly think about it and fret about it. Just keep him cool and his face will do the same...
by holtzb, Oct 29, 2008
by batmann40, Dec 17, 2008
I may have an answer soon, I am taking my child to the doctor for this reason. She has a pimple on her eyebrow that won't go away-  don't think it is really a pimple. It does not respond to Neosporin or acne lotions. SHe is six, I put make up on her at Halloween and I can't help thinking there might be a link since she developed this a week later.
by batmann40, Dec 27, 2008
I took child to doctor and he recommened a dermatologist. A few days later my child's reoccurring pimple-like bumb looked  very bad. It looked like a huge pimple but I knew that popping it wasn't going to solve anything. So we put vinegar on it, vinegar on a band aid everynight and Viola! In 5 days  the bump is almost gone and I may cancel the dermatologist appointment. I realize this is not a home remedy site but it WORKED!
by chatty271, May 31, 2009
I am new to this forum and has my boy of 8 has this same problem since he was 2. I have no idea how to go about helping him as those tiny whiteheads do not seem to bother him (as me). I did ask my GP and he told me he might just outgrow them and in the mean time, just keep his face clean and moisturise during those harsh,dry seasons. I would appreciate if anyone has any solution to it which I could just try...

Thank you
by giggles101, Jan 14, 2011
My daughter is 5yrs old and gets simular problems.. Her face seems to break out in pimple like bumps sometimes there small and not noticable but sometimes a few of them can get red and mean looking.. The doc just says its overally sensitive skin or a allergy that just reacts to differant things.. Some days her face is perfectly clear and others she has a few pimple like spots.. They come and go.. Seems to be worse in the HOT months and not as bad in the cooler months ..When they appear they mostly form on her cheeks or on her forehead.. Sometimes she gets a Hive  mixed in.. I give her Zyrtec and it seems to clear both problems I dont believe in putting Acne med's or anything harsh on her face..
by RocketKing, Jan 20, 2011