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Mystery Muscle spasms
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Mystery Muscle spasms

Andrew, 22, male, Australia - NSW
For almost 3 years I've been having constant and frequent spasms in my upper glute/lower back muscles that have a lot of doctors stumped! (I don't know what muscles specifically, I will find out)
The spasms (are):
- Painless (but the large jolt the action gives the rest of my body can be painful after a while)
- Symmetrical (both sides spasm at the same time)
- Occur a lot more frequently when the muscles and surrounding muscles are relaxed
- Do not occur (as much) during exertion/exercise or while the muscles and surrounding muscles are tense
- Occur during sleep as well as while awake (sometimes occurs more frequently during sleep when muscles are relaxed)
- Have not responded to medications for myoclonus
- Are not alleviated by massage or chiropractic adjustments

MRIs, x-rays, psych evaluations and countless blood tests are all negative or inconclusive.

after 2.5+ years I'm still at square one! This has been causing a significant effect on my sleep to an immensely inhibiting extent. My entire lifestyle has been at a halt for 2 years (quit study, live at home with mum, no social life - way to tired!)

Do you know what the problem may be? (if not specifically, whether it's musculature, neurological, nervous, etc.) or what type of professional I should seek?
In TCM  pain is a result of Blood and Qi Stagnation or blockage of nerve flow.  A Chinese medicine Doctor needs to do an intake.  Determine what patterns are going on and determine a treatment plan with acupuncture and herbs.

Charles Peri OMD

Please call clinic with any questions  415 897-4678
There is not any pain involved. The only pain present is a result of my hips rotating powerfully backwards (a physio informed me that it's my 'piriformis' muscles that are contracting), jarring my lower back. Acupuncturists refused to insert needles because I can't lay still.

I should also note the event that led to this condition:

I went for a fast-paced ~3 mile run holding my posture very upright - the first time I'd tried the technique. some of my buttock muscles tired very quickly and by the time I'd finished my run (15 minutes later) they were completely exhausted/fatigued - they were not used to the work load of the newly adopted upright posture.

The very next day I did the same run again, but this time, along with the previous day's lingering fatigue, there was pain in the same muscles - It felt like a bad case of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). I continued the run holding myself upright. After 15-20 minutes, they were painfully sore, tight and exhausted. When I got home and sat down I immediately started experiencing the involuntarily contractions in the the same muscles that I'd vigorously over-worked the precious day and they haven't ceased since.
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