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painpill addiction
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painpill addiction

I have been on these thing for awhile and needing some tips and support to get off them.thanks
I have tried pretty much EVERYTHING I could to get off painpills ! I've gone to the dr & was prescribed suboxone thinking it would help me quit... It didn't & no don't do it! All the suboxone was for me was something to take so I wouldn't have withdrawls until I could get my next fix. If you only took it for like a week or two, then I think it could really help, but do NOT take it longer than 2 weeks because drs. keep you on them for so long, that all it does is switch your addiction from painpills to suboxone & the suboxone withdrawl (withdrawal) lasts 2-3 WEEKS longer than painpill withdrawl (withdrawal)!
I have also tried ordering Kratom online because it is supposed to help tremendously with painpill withdrawl (withdrawal). First off it is crushed up leafs & you have to take SOOO much of it for it to help but it really didn't even help me that much., you have to keep redosing every 4-6 hours with Kratom & it makes you **** ALOT!
The best method I have found and worked for both me & my boyfriend (both of us heavy addicts of oxys for 3+years) goes a little like this!

Things you will need:
5-6 lortab or Percocet- either 5mg or 7.5 mg

DayQuil & nightQuil -- here you could probably get another brand that works for day & night, just make sure you get it!

Xanex/ Muscle Relaxers or another type of sleeping aid like the sleep medicine DayQuil just came out with, or melatonin(which is a vitamin)

Anti-dirrhea medicine &  Ibuprofen or Tylenol- use as much as you need as often as you need!

Lots & Lots of vitamins, Fruit, juice, & foods that you will be able to make yourself eat even if your not hungry!

-if you go to your dr. & tell him that your going through withdrawls & need something they WILL help you, so don't be afraid!

Day 1. On the first day of detox you will take 1 of the lortabs in the morning & one at night. If you have to have someone hold the rest or give you your dose so that you don't take them all , then do it ! You will also take DayQuil during the day & if you need to take nightQuil at night to help you sleep. The first night is the easiest! Don't forget to take your vitamins & try to eat as normal as possible!  

Days 2 & 3:  You will take half of the tab in the morning & half of the tab at night on days 2 &3. Also need to take DayQuil during the day ( you can take 2 doses of DayQuil as long as you spread it out threw the day if needed) you will need to take nightQuil at night! If you are having problems sleeping with just the nightQuil you can take one of the Xanex/muscle relaxers/melatonin/ or whatever sleeping aid you find--as long as it isn't drugs & that it's only 1 of those options, if it is Xanex or a muscle relaxer DO NOT ABUSE IT, it is for sleep & sleep only!

Days 4 & 5: You will only being taking Half of a tab on days 4 &5. Take DayQuil & nightQuil as needed. You can still take the Xanex or whatever additional sleeping aid you have, but only if you NEED it & if you do take it try to lower your dose of it.

Day 6 & 7: NO MORE TABS! Take DayQuil & nightQuil as needed, ibuprofen or Tylenol--these are the last 2 days that you should be taking DayQuil & nightQuil! if you ABSOLUTLEY NEED a sleep aid go ahead, but these are the last 2 days that you should be taking them a well!

Day 8: Take nothing but Ibuprofen, Tylenol, & anti-diarrhea medicine if you need it. You can start using melatonin as a sleeping aid (it is a vitamin you can buy at the store) but DO NOT take anymore Xanex or muscle relaxers! You should be feelin okay by this day!

Extra Tips: This method was the easiest withdrawl (withdrawal) I have ever done! Make sure that you are eating as much as you can, even if you force yourself, because it really does help to give you energy & just feel better overall foods like grilled cheese, ramen noodles fruit stuff like that. Continue to take your vitamins. When you are feeling at your worst-  Take baths to help relief your body aches & take them often! I took so many baths during withdrawl (withdrawal) and they helped SOOO MUCH! you need to get out and do something. I know it feels impossible like you can't move off the couch but when you get up and go on a walk, to the store, go to work, anything you will start to feel better! I went on walks everyday when going through withdrawl (withdrawal), sometimes two or three times! It helps clear your mind!!

To stay sober you really need  Support & dedication- this right here is the biggest of them all. If you are not dedicated to being clean then it's a waste of your time! You really need support while going through this. I know you probably are embarrassed & don't want anyone to know because of the guilt & shame that you feel, trust me I know I kept my addiction a secret for a very long time, but keeping it a secret keeps you a drug addict. You NEED to tell your family & friends so that they can watch out for you & help you through this hard time! Try joining NA groups to help you stay sober, & stop hanging out with anyone who does the drug you like to do.

If this method still doesn't work for you I would really look into going to rehab! Most people think that rehab is so expensive & that insurance probably won't cover it so they don't even consider it an option- DON'T DO THAT! Look into your insurance & they can help you find a place that it right for you! Most rehabs can wave off any out of pocket fees if your insurance covers you to go there so look into that as well!

Goodluck & NEVER give up! It's going to be a rough time for you but just remember your fighting for your life back! (:
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