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Hydro withdrawls
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This is a chat group for anyone who needs to vent about thier problems with addiction to opiates (including methadone), benzos, tranquilizers, sedatives, alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine and any other drug that is causing you problems in your life or that have become a normal part of your life, like drinking water and eating.

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Hydro withdrawls

Does it take longer to come off hydro the longer you have been on them and how longe will the withdrawls stay with me been onthem for at least 6yrs
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Hi Jabbo313,

I wish I could give you better news but I am a "Recovering Addict" I too was extremely addicted to Perc 10/325 I was taking 14 to even 20 a day started taking them "fulltime" in 2008 It began like ALL addictions only needing/WANTING 4 maybe 6 a day then as time went on I graduated to Roxy's...
I have tried cold turkey MANY times the First Miserable one in May of  2010. In 14 days I wanted to die. I could not believe HOW sick I was How "disabled" mentally and Physically I was. The illness was unbearable. Every single thing on my body hurt. my husband was completely lost in how to help me due to the fact he has never been addicted to anything but has watched me fight addiction for 18 years out of our 21 together...
Of course that Cold turkey Withdrawal didn't last long I caved in and called my "FRIEND" for help and she was more than happy to take my cash and "help" me...and the cycle began again for another 11 months then on April 18th 2011 I had gone thru my entire script of 150 Percs/ my 100 Roxy 30's in less than 2 weeks. I knew I was never going to stop the madness I also knew i would rather die than go through another W/D like I did in May of I found a local Methadone clinic and I began treatment 4/20/2011 (4/20- the irony of it all??) I made that god aweful walk of Shame up to that front door at 5:55 a.m. Wednesday April 20th to the Methadone clinic. I had tears in my eyes as I opened that door,god it was so frikin Bright I felt like all eyes were on me ( they weren't I was just in day 2 of detoxing) but I got this kind eyes of welcome when I was asked " can I help you"  I asked were the intake room was they walked me to it which was just around the vending machines, and the room was FULL. I took my spot at the table and began the program.
Today is September 10th 2011 I on day 144. I started off as all new intake patients do, at 25mg of Methadone, as of August 31st I was at 40mg. I NEVER exceeded 40mg and I am happy to say I am already on my way DOWN in Dosage. I am at 35mg starting Monday I will be at 30mg.
YES, METHADONE IS ADDICTING just as addicting as our percs or Roxy's or any other pain med cuz it IS:  "a synthetic opioid, "used MEDICALLY- as an analgesic and a maintenance anti-addictive for use in patients with opioid dependency such as Percocets, Roxycodones, Lortabs, Vicodin, ETC...." AND As a result, IF properly dosed "methadone patients" CAN reduce or stop altogether their use of these substances.
I am now on my way DOWN because I was Properly maintained by a councelor and most IMPORTANTLY MYSELF!! You can get hooked on this too if not getting clean is your GOAL?? but my goal was to be rid of the crap the lifestyle I had on the Pain meds, the CRAP I endured by my "FRIEND" that supplied me with large amounts as i supplied HER with ALL MY MONEY!! Yes, where I go cost $400.00 a month but what I was paying before and HOW I acted was SICKENING when I think back on That part of my life.
Now, I can spend time with my son, I am a mother AGAIN, I can be that WIFE, the happy, love of life person the one that had friends, went to dinner with, laugh with, go out on a date with my husband, watch my son grow cuz I missed so much of his life...never again will that person come back...I  want THAT FOR YOU & everyone else that thinks it is hopeless it's NOT!!
I know you asked a simple question and I went into my life but I am so very happy in my life I want to give back even in an email I want you to feel the JOY I have I want it to spew over, and off this computer I want you to actually say "I can feel how happy she is, and I want that"!! You may never need to do or go the route I went but I CHOOSE that for myself and IF you do it properly you too can live, work do everything you would normally do without being sick..
AGAIN, this is what is working for me and my family. I just want people to know JOY and happiness again because these F'N Drugs destroy you, break your bank account, break your marriage up or relationship and in my case I watched 4 people LOOSE their lives due to it.
As for your question, depending on you and your determination if you continue Detoxing cold turkey you will be sick for about 10 to 16 days, then after those symptoms ease up you will  maybe become depressed? All in ALl its about a  2 month ordeal. so make sure once the sweats,chills, aches, puking, Pooping, sleeplessness, leg cramps or restless leg syndrom (syndrome), headaches insomnia go start to pass try to eat lots of protein when you get your appetiet back, drink lots of fluids to clean out your system, take vitamins, and if able work out even if you walk 30 minutes a day, that will help speed up the process to sweat out the toxins get out in the sun depending on where you live...(Im in Florida)  to get natural vitamin D. try not to drink alcohol at all it  will make you want to use. and if you feel depressed TELL your doctor the truth they will prescribe you PROPER medication to help with symptoms....
ost of all, I wish you all the best in your recovery.

God Bless,

Hi Jabbo1313,  you can definetely do this because I have no willpower and was on hydrozos, oxycodone and roxys for the last 10 years and on Monday I will be drug free for 13 weeks.  YEA!!!  I did not go cold turkey.  I took about 4 days worth of normal use and made it stretch out over a week until the last pill I took was 1/4 of a 10 mg hydro.  I also used a few 10 mg Xanax to sleep that one week only.  I was grouchy as hell and worthless around the house but at about week 6 life started to show me it could have a happy side again and now at 13 weeks i am starting to like my life again!  Good luck with your journey and take it easy on yourself.

Best wishes to you,  suzi20071
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