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Methadone treatment for withdrawals from Oxy's, Roxy's, Percs...
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This is a chat group for anyone who needs to vent about thier problems with addiction to opiates (including methadone), benzos, tranquilizers, sedatives, alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine and any other drug that is causing you problems in your life or that have become a normal part of your life, like drinking water and eating.

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Methadone treatment for withdrawals from Oxy's, Roxy's, Percs

Can someone PLEASE read this and IF you have experience with it please reply???
I am & have been going to a Methadone Treatment center for 101 days as of today...I was told by a childhood friend of 30 years (we just found one another on facebook, haven't seen him since 2008) that is now clean n sober from Roxy's and others meds, that methadone was going to be WORSE than any white knuckling I tried while addicted to my pain meds! WORSE????...I told him I was informed by the center that they allow YOU, the patient, that WHEN you are ready to start coming down, they will do so at 5mg a week until you reach 30 mg then that is when you are considered to be in what they call "the Detox stage" I will do this until I am at 2mg a day ...My friend says that is BS & he knows from experience other wise! I am & have been at 40 mg since day 35 out of 101 days....I looked into the Suboxone way and going to a doctor that will prescribe it so I don't have to drive EVERYDAY-as of now I have spent $1,500.00 in 101 days including the GAS. So to go down in Mg's and pay the same amount even at 2 mg, still pay $14.00 a day ??? This is WHY I am THINKING about contacting my old "GOOD" doctor not a pill writing doctor & see what is the process since I am on Methadone. I just do not want to live on either one...I see people at the clinic and listen to them talk in line that they have been coming for 20 years??????? OMG!!!

Does ANYONE have any ADVICE for me OTHER than "Go cold turkey advice" I have tried it and I was so sick I tried suicide, doing so also has made my nervous system a complete wreck SO, Yes, I admit it,  I am WEAK I need help to get through this and get clean once and for all.

Is going the Suboxone route make any since??? I can not continue Financially to go to my Methadone clinic...I thought it would be for a short while, long enough to get the DRUGS I put in my system to get out, allow me to function with out being so SICK which I do have to say that has been the best thing from going to the Methadone clinic, is the ability to spend time with my family everyday, go to the beach, plan lunch dates with friends, no more chasing pills has been such a relief I feel like a normal human being again.  I just know it was another one of life's little (BIG) lessons I had to for that.... I am thankful...
ANY & ALL ADVICE  will be appreciated more than you'll know....thanks for reading and if YOU DO reply Thank you in advance......

Kimberly-In Florida
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I really do not know the answer but there are alot of people dealing with methodone in the subtance abuse forum who could answer this question.
i was reading your stiry today my heart goes out to you i have vbeen on methadone for 7 yrs i had a back fusion i regret going on the methadone i hear it is the woprst opiate to be on and the hardest to come off.also i heard you get addicted to suboxene to.i would go to a dr.there has to be something out there to ease the pain.i know im terrified to come off my methadone and clozapam go to a dr you can trust.                                shark 190
For Shark190: I just wanted to comment on your post....I am began this week on lowering  my dose down  5mgs's I am currently at 35mg's  of Methadone  & SO FAR- I don't feel any withdrawals, I feel the same as I did on 40mg's? Now granted I've only gone down 5mg BUT- I never went past 40mg in my 130+ days at this clinic. I've  been taking 1mg xanax's for 10+ years which the clinic needed paperwork for from my doctor so now they know I am in treatment & I will never be prescribed a pain med from them again which is fine with me. I've never in all the years of taking Xanax's have I abused them? odd I usually abuse everything but not these. I normally take 2 a day, only a few days outta the month I need a third one for about 4 days other than that I'm good??!!! I'm hoping with all hopes and Praying the LOUDEST I've ever prayed that I will be strong enough to continue to go down in my dose until the day I wake up and never have to take anything other than my xanax's .
I guess No matter what we take once we become an addict we we'll eventually have to deal with some sort of  withdrawals and I was fair warned even though I have been going to the Methadone Clinic for 136+  days I Never  allowed myself to increase the dosage If ya feel good and able bodied at 40mg then WHY would you want to increase your dose? I found out Why because they want to get a HIGH off Methadone. This clinic never pushed me to go up in my dose and I have a counselor that I meet with 4 days a week give a urine sample every 3 weeks which I PASS and she is very stunned that I am where I am given the amount of time I've been going. The start you off at 25 mg for the first week then each 10 days I was "Supposed" to increase my dose each week LIKE 95% of the patients do but once I was given the dose of 40mg going in to week 4 out of my 5 months now, She said my "detoxing" when I begin, will be easier than that of someone taking a much higher dose. So  I think I will be able to come off the Methadone with some mild withdrawals and some depression I'm sure of it but it will be nothing compared to the HORROR I put myself through when I tried cold turkey. If I made it through 14 days of H3LL in 2010 so  what ever is to come with detoxing Gradually, Slowly from this clinic I can handle it I have no doubt!

I hear some of the people in the lines when the computers go down, I'll listen to them "BRAGGING" about what they take over the counter to Get a Methadone High?? I Don't get it??? I'm in THAT god awful line for ONE reason to get me through my addiction of taking 15+ Roxy/Percocet/Oxycontin A day...Not to Get HIGH?? I WANT to get clean and NEVER look at another pain killer or chase down another drug dealer EVER again, but the majority of the people in line are telling the new people "This is what you say when you get to the window or this is what you need to buy at the store it's a cocktail of over the counter meds take it with  grapefruit juice combo BLAH BLAH BLAH...." I just want to SCREAM at them to shut the F Up some people Like myself are here EVERYDAY in order to get better. But I just keep my mouth shut, they obviously don't want it as bad as I do (to be clean that is) and the only people I will Talk to are the ones that say at the group meetings we have weekly " HOW did you do it only taking  40mg a day & I am at 160mg or 180 and I started a few weeks after you did"?  "How" I say, Because It's ALL in OUR heads if we allow our brain to think, Oh my god I'm gonna be sick I'll just increase my dose" then guess what YOU'RE gonna be sick If you think & say with 100% positivity when you wake each day "I am going to have a great day and I feel good today" then you Will. Its amazing how much power a negative attitude has over your whole Being???

God I'm sorry  I get started and ya can't shut me up, but at least the REAL me is coming back to life because before my addiction to the pain meds I had a  personality  that was always BRIGHT and HAPPY everyday, I worked out, kept busy non stop then WHAM 3 years of addiction to PK's and I became anti social with everyone BUT my dealer or people that used or could score for me.
I will put you in my prayers whether or not you're a believer it makes no difference I am -so I'll pray for Shark190 to find the strength to no longer be terrified to come off of Methadone, for him to  give you the strength to do it  gradually & have a Positive outlook that YOU CAN do it!!!
take care & May God bless & heal your mind, body & soul!
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