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Norco detox
Hi i have been using for about 6 yrs on and off and i ran out of my meds the doc put me on 8 10/325 a day and 224 pills a day..  and i am now on the night of my first day.. and it is getting worse i am seriously thinking about going to the ER and get something but i know what they give in the ER is only for a few days and my appt is on thursday.. should i just kicked this habit while i have the chance?? I know i'm such a weak willed person and cant handle this **** !!! but anyways this really ***** and i can't wait for this to be over.. it is saturday night do you think i will be ok to go to work on monday??? I'm so worried about that.. can anyone help me out with some info on withdrawal advice i have creepy crawly legs agitation sweats, yawning, runny nose, sneezing, weakness, legs feel like they are trying to jump out of my skin.. and so on Bla!! any advice is welcome thanks for listening ... Phia
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