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Misery Returns
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Misery Returns

This is the last place i want to be...but here i am again! Life was good! My daughter was finally settling in with her
best girlfriend who came to her aid and offered her cheap rent till she got her feet on the ground.My daughter took
her up on the offer although it was some distance away, and really felt she had no other options other than living with us.My daughter got a part time job readily and her friend's Mom gave her aditional work. She also met and was going out with a stable guy who she adored. The best news came last week when she was hired as a Vet
Tech , to start in Dec,for a new clinic within walking distance from where she lived. As well she was on track with her Doc to be off Suboxone by Dec.
Life was good until we had a call from her best friend who was VERY upset to tell us that she had texted our daughter to tell her she was kicking her out. When she was doing the dishes she found a bent spoon with carbon residue on it andd needles in my daughters room. She saidd she felt her slapped in the face after all her mom and her had done for. We managed to reach our daughter who was at a friends closer to where she used to live. My daughter SWEARS she hasn't touched any thing for a year and yes she had syringes in her room as she gives allergy shots to her dog.( i do know the dog has terrible allergy problems) And why she asks would i put the spoon
in question in the sink....i would try to hide it in the garbage!!! So to try and keep this short we have told her we are very concerned (she is back to having no where to live AND her new job and a chance for a good future is at risk)
That we love her and want to support her but don't know what support she needs. We have told her that a letter and the opportunity to talk to her Doctor would clear all this up. So she is going to see her Doctor tomorrow to ask him to write a letter and also to phone ME when she is there! I am hoping that the outcome of this will give us some guidance as to how we support her. We are determined not to accept any excuses as to why her Doctor will not talk to us and write a letter. We just cannot support her appropriately without the knowledge of her treatment and progress.NO response from her Doctor tells us she is lying.
A big question i have is if anyone out there, is aware if there is ANYWAY you can beat the urine tests???? My daughter's friendd is positive that my daughter could be using Oxycotin and test clean because it only stays in your system for 3 days. Also i thought that you got sick if you used opiates while on Suboxone!

So i guess tomorrow will be a long day waiting for that call!!! All my anxieties have returned...can't eat...can't sleep...
stomache pains!!! I don't want to be back here!!!!
Any thoughts?????
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If the dog is getting allergy shots then there should be a vial around.  Usually this is refrigerated.  I had to give my cat shots for diabetes but i didnt keep the needles in my bedroom.  There are red flags here but hopefully the doctor will be able to clear them up.  It is getting tougher and tougher to beat UA tests around here.

Take a warm bath or shower and try to relax.  The fear of the unknown is always a scary place.
ugh you must be beside yourself.

When my daughter (heroin, roxycontin) was living at home, we'd find open cans of tuna fish and bottles of apple juice around her room. I finally learned  not to let her test with my husband in charge--she had to pee in front of ME in the bathroom (although I later learned even that isn't always enough).

Remember that they have the same Internet we do...if there's a way to scam the test, it's out there.

And leaving evidence laying around instead of disposing of it isn't enough of an argument. I contend they are screaming for help and subconciously want to be caught when they do that.
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