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Had my day in court....
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Had my day in court....

i went to superior court on 12/6th from when i got arrested on 8/26th. short version, was arrested after i "stole" my daughters keys to prevent her from leaving "to go get high and then to jump off a bridge". the cops came, i was then cursed at and assaulted while being arrested by a cop, and he says i cursed at and assaulted him.

if you want the full version here is the link to the thread.

i am a 55 year old christian woman, who doesnt curse,lie and definitely dont assault officers of the law.
i was given some interesting scenarios as to why people think he acted that way to are just a few.........
had a bad day, he doesnt like women, his mom had sexually assaulted him, he had a fight with his wife,
he's an a$$hole,he has a small _______, and my very favorite, " his wife didnt have sex with him the night before".
so whatever the reason, i have to deal with it.
i was offered a PTI ( pre-trial intervention). i have no record, i was arrested when i was 17 for pot possesssion, other than that never any issues with the law. i had to interview with a probation officer, it was really quite humilitating.
had to tell my life story,then i was asked to pee in a cup. oh my, and she was watching. i had been sick for a few days before and was definitely dehydrated. i couldnt pee. she closed the door and turned on the water. nope didnt work. so she suggested i go drink something and come back, well i did and lo and below, i gave her the sample.
the PTI will last from 1 to 3 years, i have to go back in january to see if my application is approved. then once all the conditions are met, the charges will be dismissed. there is no plea entered. i am not guilty, nor am i innocent.
i had gotten from lawyers fees that went from $4000,$2500,$1500 and finally $750. i paid &750.
i can say i definitely believe that this helped get my daughter into rehab 10 days later. in that case i will take the fall.
my daughter has been there for just over 3 months. i am so proud of her. she is really doing so great. about a month ago i discovered that a had a $1500 diamond necklace missing. i thought i had it in my safe deposit box and when i looked for it i couldnt find it. so i asked her and yes she sold it earlier this year. i can never get back any of my jewelry, money, those years,sleepless nights,tears,sorrow,disappointments....
she has apologized many times, has written me letters, always thanks me for never giving up on her, for my prayers, for all i do for her.
i sleep so good now, i have so much peace,i am so grateful that my prayers have been answered.
thank you all for your prayers,concern,notes,and for helping me through this,
much love,
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1551327 tn?1414146344
I am glad to hear you feel so much at peace.  Life is hard, and we can snap in a second.  I have had a rough 33 years and I will tell my story some day when I have time.  I truly admire anyone who has made it longer in this life than I have, even if it is just a year longer.  I battle most of the time but as I said I win more than I lose these days.  I hope when I turn 55 I have the peace of mind that you have.  

Anyway all of you vets make me believe I can handle anything and God may stop giving me trials eventually.  Although I know that is not how it works.

495284 tn?1333897642
I had to giggle reading all the excuses as to why the cop was a jacka$$.  He should be the one to answer to his behavior that day but that isnt the case.  I am so glad to hear you have found some peace with all of this deb.  Your faith has carried you thru.  I am also thrilled to hear your daughter is still going strong.  You have been tested over and over and still stood strong.  You are the true definition of a lady~
617347 tn?1331296681
i was really worried about what the outcome of the incident with that jacka ss could be... Thank goodness that it has not been so bad. I am so happy that your daughter is sticking to the rehab course and well, things look so much better than some months ago...It was so so unfair what happened... as Sarah said you are a real lady and it was simply unfair that you had to suffer that much..." you have been tested over and over and still stood strong " so true..hey, keep the faith :)
1436598 tn?1332900133
I am so glad that this seems to be working out.  It's still unfair that it happened but this is probably the best outcome you could hope for.  I'm so happy that your daughter is doing well also.  Hang in there!
480448 tn?1426952138
What an amazing woman you are.  Truly.  It's incredible how you can pick the positive things out of such an unfair situaion (ie..your daughter doing great).

You're an inspiration.  I wish I could be more like you...have the kind of faith you have, and the positive attitude, no matter what life throws at you.  God bless you, Deb...I pray your daughter continues to do so well.  You've all been through a lifetime of "enough".

954005 tn?1304630205
I am still appalled that you have to do ANYTHING with the courts....BUT....this is a great could have been so much worse.  It kills me that people abuse their power and it affects people's lives SO dramatically and negatively.  I've been praying for you and watching for updates because your story stuck with me.  I just could not believe what happened to you.  I also think that your outlook on everything is spot-on...if it wouldn't have happened, I don't know that your daughter would be where she is today...
Everything happens for a reason...
You are such a good strong....and I am so grateful that the outcome of the charges was not severe.
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