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Please, I need Advice
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Please, I need Advice

In the last month I discovered my husband has an addiction to benzodiazepines. At the beginning of this year my husband starting showing signs that something was wrong, he had little patience and appeared to have difficulty getting through the day, not being able to handle going to work, and having a lot of anxiety.
On March 1st, we went to the ER because he couldn't get out of bed. It was there I started to find out about what was going on. His neurologist was prescribing Klonopin for a Hemi Facial Tremor he has had for approximately 12 years, and his primary was prescribing Xanax for anxiety and stress. He never told either doctor what was going on.
Instead of taking these drugs when needed, he was taking them around the clock, everyday. He thought this was not a big problem because the amount he was taking, 1.5 Klonopin a day and 1.5 Xanax a day, was not a lot.
He went through a detox program and is presently in an Intensive Outpatient Program. He has not taken any benzodiazepines since Sunday March 17th.
He has started sleeping again with the help of the medications the detox program put him on - trazodone and baclofen, they also put him on Cymbalta. His appetite is not great and sometimes I have to force him to eat.
He has not worked since the end of February and does not feel he will be able to any time soon.
I need to know what to expect. It seems being off the drugs is not a problem right now, but functioning is. What is my role now? Should I be a caretaker or is this enabling him not to deal with the problem? We are in our 50's with 2 sons who are in their 20's. They are aware that their father has a problem with pills, that he is taking the steps he has been advised to follow.
What steps should we be following? Allow him to sleep or stay in bed all day until it is time for him to go to his meetings at night? Not pressure him to try working, even if it is just small jobs? We have our own business, and my husband is the only service technician. By his own choice, he did not want a partner, so now we are in danger of losing our clients, a list that has taken 22 years to a build. When I try to talk to him about our situation, he shows no interest in discussing anything. He just keeps saying that he can't work.
I would appreciate any advice, direction, tips, anything.
Thank you for listening.
Hi and sorry what your going through. I think in another few weeks he will be feeling better. Just let him relax but do try to get him up and do things once in a while. When ive been ill, my wife pushed me and when it was all said and done, her pushing did pay off.
Is there anyway you can hire a partime position for the service tec. With the high unemployment rate, maybe someone will fill in for a while and tell him that if he can help grow the business the position could become permanant. You might find in the end that the partime person was the best thing that ever happened. Life is funny this way, when we see the storm at is worst, the heavy rain rejuvinated the crops and made next years harvest the best ever yet.
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