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Introducing the Community Leader Program, and 2 Community Leaders

We're very pleased to announce the launch of our new Community Leader program. As MedHelp has grown in both number of members and the number of communities we have, the needs of these communities has also grown. Our Pregnancy communities would like to see different features than our Ovarian Cancer community. Out of this need, we came up with the Community Leader program.

A Community Leader will be a MedHelp member who will act like an ambassador to MedHelp, helping to communicate the feedback from the community as well as help us communicate back to the community from MedHelp. When we launch new features, like the Notes feature today, they will be able to help out with any questions. In addition to helping MedHelp, they will also be working with their community to help it grow, by welcoming new members, bringing up suggestions, etc. As always, anyone is still welcome to contact MedHelp directly. We love hearing from our members and it's a big part of what has made the site what it is today.

One thing to note, Community Leaders, will not be replacing the MedHelp moderators currently monitoring the site, however, the Leaders will be able to help if there is an issue and work with our moderators to address it. The Leaders are not working for MedHelp, they are still members, but ones that have taken on some added responsibility.

We're extremely excited about this program, and we're pleased to announce that we already have two Community Leaders for the Addiction communities.  Please join us in welcoming FLAddict as the first Community Leader and avisg as the Co-Community Leader for these communities. As many of you know, the Addiction communities were the very first place we tried this out, and FLAddict was a big help back then. As I mentioned about though, originally, in the Addiction Communities it was more moderation help. The program has evolved, and we've added more moderator staff internally, so this is much more of an ambassador kind of role. FLAddict and avisg have both been dedicated members to these communities and we're excited they both have agreed to be a Community Leader

We're looking forward to working with them and you, to continue improving the experience in this community. The Addiction communities have grown a lot over the past year, and is one of the successes we're especially proud of here at MedHelp. We feel strongly this will help us continue to grow and improve in this area.

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