Is Flexeril an addictive drug?
by frankie165, Nov 16, 2007
Is Flexeril a addictive drug?  I just got off of percocet and I don't want to get dependent on something else that may be addictive.
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by IBKleen, Nov 16, 2007
Morning hun,

I cannot classify it as addicting, but you could certainly become dependent on it. Are you taking it for muscle spasms ?
by road2recovery, Nov 16, 2007
It is kind of like soma's...My opinion is you can get very dependent on them...SO be very carefull
r2r  what mgs, i think they only come in 5 and 10
by frankie165, Nov 16, 2007
Good morning

I hate this back to forum button on the bottom of the screen.  THis is the 3rd time I have typed a response.  I keep hitting the wrong button.  Oh well.

It was prescribed to me by my doctor when I was complaining of muscle aches and pains in the mornings.  He prescribed 1 at bedtime.  I stopped taking it when I was getting off of the percocets, because I thought the aches and pains were probably from the wds.  Last night I couldn't sleep-aches, pains, restless legs, ect-so I took one.  Slept like a baby.  Woke up feeling rested.  I just don't want to replace the perc for this.

r2r-I don't know anything about a soma either.  It is a 5mg dose.

THanks guys
by zoezsweet, Nov 16, 2007
I have been taking flexeril for about a year and a half. On and off a couple times. I never had any w/d from it.  I have been told by the pharmacist that it does have a sedative in it, that's why it makes you a bit drowsy. I'm supposed to take them 3x's a day, yeah right if I want to sleep on the job. Anywho, you should be ok to take it long term with no problems, but remember every body's different. -zoe
by IBKleen, Nov 16, 2007
If you are only taking one a night, as prescribed, and only once in a while, I would not worry. They are like Soma...same effect is what I mean. I have a prescription for Soma, but I rarely take them. They knock me on my rear-end and I don't like the feeling.

I am glad you talked about this and you were honest. Just be careful is all.
by frankie165, Nov 16, 2007
Sorry I was gone so long.  We actually lost our phone line for a while today.  Don't know why.

Thank you for your comments.  I really appreciate it.  I don't know how I would have gotten through all this with out the support you guys so willingly and freely give.  Thank you!  Thank you!

by scaredgirl902, Nov 19, 2007
I don't believe that flexeril are addictive. I have been on Soma's for 4 years, and they are very similiar. Soma is actually a little more potent. I am addicted to Vicodin and CAN NOT go a day without it, but soma's I don't worry about if I am out, and I can usually still sleep good. Maybe not as sound because the soma knocks me on my rear, BUT I have never had any sort of withdrawl from it.

by michaelsmp, Feb 08, 2012
I am perscribed Flexiril and Nuerontin for Scoliosis caused by a severe physical trauma, I know that stopping the nuerontin cold turkey will cause severe withdrawl. I found this out a few weeks ago when I ran out and did not have the money to refill my script for three days. As far as the Flexiril I have found it to be extremely sedating for me. In concern I've tried to wean myself off but find that when I don't take a tablet before bed I will not be able to sleep. i am seeing my PCP in a few days to find some other alternative. I have no "withdrawl symptoms" from the flexiril but know my body needs it more to sleep then for muscle spasms.