Methadone urine clearance time?
by Amphora, Sep 26, 2007
These are simply questions for those of you with more knowledge than I.  nurseintrouble and Fladdict, you probably know the answers: because of its much longer half-life, how long does it take methadone to clear from urine(wasn't my DOC, thank God)?  I watched over a friend of mine c/ting from methadone; it was horrific.  I ended up calling 911 after he had diarrhea and vomited incessantly for several days on zero sleep.  He was severely dehydrated despite his attempts to replenish electrolytes and H2O.  The ER doc said he was about 6 hours away from kidney shutdown when admitted for observation.  They gave him fluid/electrolytes intravenously and didn't release him until he had urinated a couple of times, indicating his kidneys were functioning.  I've read here that methadone withdrawal is one of the worst.  After seeing it first-hand, I tend to agree. True?  Additionally, I'm told that the typical urine dip-stick tests won't show a positive for methadone because it is chemically so different from other synthetic opiates.  True?  Many thanks to any and all who can offer knowledge about this.  Mike
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by lonote, Sep 26, 2007
They will be up and out soon. I hope you get the answer your looking for. Have a great day! Off to work for me!               Cathy
by Amphora, Sep 26, 2007
Thanks, Cathy!  I hope you have a great day, as well.  I've read some of the recent posts; please know you are in my thoughts.  Strange (in a wonderful way) how this forum brings people together who almost always truly care about each other, even though most of us don't know each other on a personal level.  All the best, Mike
by itsaloveHATEthing, Sep 26, 2007
Dip stick 5 panel (usual test for employment) will not show, 7 or 10 panel tests will....depending on frequency of use, amount used, health, hydration level....3-7 days for clearance in urine.....I just went thru this w/ my probation, so I have done hours of research....let me know if you have more questions about it. Also, U R right, methadone must be specifically tested for to show, but that specific test is on the 7/10 panel test...
by Amphora, Sep 27, 2007
Many thanks for your reply!  Is methadone truly one of the worst drugs to c/t from?  Observing my friend, it would seem to be. His AWD lasted for over 2 weeks, even after he went to the ER in an ambilance.  My c/t from hydro (up to 22 5/500's/day) was a picnic in comparison -- and I NEVER thought I'd say that, because the first week was literally h*ll on earth for me -- which is a place I REFUSE to go, ever again.  Many thanks once again for your reply!  Mike