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Remorse for Celebrity Drug Addicts
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Remorse for Celebrity Drug Addicts

I'm just posting this to say that I give a two thumbs up to many celebrities who have overcome addiction, and I will have a soft spot for those who are still struggling.

We all know what its like being pill addicts/alcoholics/substance abusers. It has messed up my finances, and I'm sure some of yours too. Imagine having ALL the money in the world, and SEVERAL suppliers that give you what you want? Or doctors that NEVER say no to you? Just because you are rich? Disgusting. It can seem like there is no way out!

Lindsay Lohan is the most recent case. She is being sent to jail for three months, (for substance abuse) and she doesn't know how to stop..I don't think putting an addict in jail for that amount of time works, Lindsay needs treatment. Her friends have turned her against her family who have her best interest. It's been said her mom has been supplying her. Many who have not been in her/our shoes are so quick to judge. And they do not understand.

Michael Jackson, last year lost his life to Prescription pills and sleeping meds. Corey Haim as well. The list of so many who have lost their lives to drugs goes on and on. Their addiction got the best of them, and they have shown me that I MUST cut out people who supply me!!  I will NOT die from these pills! (Vicodin). I want to live, and I deserve to live!

If you have run out of money because of drugs, count it as a BLESSING!  It's a sign that you have an option out of this pain and suffering that drugs have cost you. If you have hit "rock bottom" you can pick yourself up. Now is the time.

If people Like Oprah, Robin Williams, and Drew Barrymore, and ESPECIALLY Whitney Houston who are millionaires can overcome their addiction and claim their lives back, SO CAN WE!!
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and whoopi goldberg also she succeeded off LSD and herion ;)
Wow, I din't know that! Whoopi has an amazing story.
What was Oprah addicted to??   I missed that..
I think Oprah is addicted to food.....
Lindsay Lohan got the jail time as the judge said her apologies were not sincere.  I am sure they will have her doing some sort of aftercare in jail.....
I believe they gave Lindsey 90 days in inpatient rehab after she finishes jail.  I do feel for them, and I feel for the many, MANY people from all walks of life who find themselves in this situation.  It's like a silent epidemic in our society.

I'm just glad I'm going through my withdrawals as a free woman.  Gatorade and my favorite movie with my my pets on the couch?  At my service. Would I like to take an epsom salt bath?  Don't mind if I do.  Gotta count your blessings, because they are always there (even if you have to look harder some times than others).
I feel like one of the celebrities,I'm not rich but in Australia I could get my DOC codeine over the counter at a chemist for $10 for 40 tablets,and no records were kept so I could go to as many different chemists in a day as I needed,that's what makes it so hard to stop here,It doesn't break the bank,it's affordable and easy to acquire.But I'm 316 days clean.

Betty Ford
Kirsty Alley
J. Paul Getty, Jr.
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Robin Williams
Robert Downey, Jr.
Ray Kroc
Patrick Kennedy
Ben Affleck
James Frey
Nick Nolte
Jan Michael Vincent
Nick Carter
Boy George
Michael Jackson
Keith Richards
Robert Mitchum
Judy Collins
Rush Limbaugh
Johnny Cash
Joaquin Phoenix
Pat O'Brien
Elton John
George Jones
Kurt Cobain
Courtney Love
Leif Garrett
John Belushi
Eileen Brennan
Daniel Baldwin
Corey Feldman
Corey Haim
Marion Barry
Whitney Houston
Bobby Brown
A. Whitney Brown
Glen Campbell
Dwight Gooden
Darryl Strawberry
Jerry Garcia
Samuel L. Jackson
Leonard Nimoy
Kelly Osbourne
James Brown
Lenny Bruce
Chevy Chase
Robert Blake
Eddie Van Halen
David Crosby
Judy Carne
Billy Holiday
Grace Slick
Iggy Pop
Richard Carpenter
Dr. John
Randy Moss
Andy ****
Heidi Fleiss
Pat Day
Tara Conner
Al Unser, Jr.
Jim Ramstad
Roy Simmons
Bela Lugosi
Mickey Rourke
Naomi Campbell
Patrick Swayze
Ted Kennedy
Haley Joel Osment
Anna Nicole Smith
Vitas Gerulaitis
Ozzy Osbourne
Stevie Ray Vaughan
John McVie
Hank Williams III
Paul Williams
Franz Wright
Christopher Kennedy Lawford
Annie Leibowitz
Mackenzie Phillips
Jo Dee Messina
Danny Bonaduce
Dennis Quaid
Jenna Bush
Noelle Bush
**** Cheney
Mel Gibson
Michael Douglas
Matthew Perry
Charlie Sheen
Paula Poundstone
Kate Moss
Ray Charles
Johnny Depp
Mary Tyler Moore
Richard Dreyfuss
Philip Seymour Hoffman
John Daly
Keith Moon
Ted Turner
George C. Scott
Tony Curtis
David Gahan
Wynonna Judd
Britney Spears
Wilson Pickett
Carrie Fisher
Nell Carter
Billy Bob Thornton
Chris Webber
Onterrio Smith
Tom Sizemore
Drew Barrymore
**** Van Dyke
Larry Hagman
James Galdolfini
Pete Doherty
Kiefer Sutherland
Elizabeth Taylor
Colin Farrell
Etta James
Rick James
Buzz Aldrin
Chris Penn
Jason Priestley
Prince Harry
Tom Arnold
Brett Butler
Dionne Warwick
Ken Caminiti
Jennifer Capriati
Tonya Harding
Truman Capote
Liza Minnelli
Martin Lawrence
Melanie Griffith
Tatum O'Neal
Lindsay Lohan
Shelley Winters
Eddie Money
Jessica Hahn
Christian Slater
Alice Cooper
Winona Ryder
Demi Moore
Nicole Richie
David Bowie
O.J. Simpson
Jim Brown
Joe Louis
Mike Tyson
Joe Namath
Lawrence Taylor
Steve Howe
Gerry Cooney
Dennis Rodman
Dock Ellis
David Soul
Stacy Ann Ferguson "Fergie"
Oliver Stone
Jessica Sierra
Representative Mark Foley
Richard Pryor
George Carlin
Richard Lewis
Rodney King
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Bo Bice (American Idol)
Dr. Bob
John Laurette
Eric Clapton
I think I might have to move to Oz...

I'm just sayin'.
You really don't want to,like I said it just makes it so much harder to get the resolve to quit,I ended up with liver damage because of the abuse of codeine,because I stopped as soon as I was told about the damage I was doing to my liver it has repaired itself.In Australia people are fighting to change the laws so accessing these drugs will be made harder.It is stupid to be able to get these drugs without even seeing a doctor.

I was only kidding Denise.

I lived in the UK several years back, and had ready access to codeine, but it never really crossed my mind to go there. I was having too much fun working for the I was working for at the time.
i am so glad i don't watch tv.
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