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Short and long term goals...
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Short and long term goals...

I try to keep both long term and short term goals ..... What are yours...
               * Short *
          .1 Finish my garden..

         2 Finish the floor in the backroom

         3. Landscape the front yard

         4.Clean files cabinets out

         5 Take golf lessons
* long term *

          1 Go back to school

           2  Remodel the kitchen

           3  Put a pool in

            4  Put teenager threw college

           5 . Save  for the other to go to college

           6 Save for retirement

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1. Save money, be cheap.


2. Use said saved money to continue more years of directionless meandering in school than I want to say.

3. Finally discover what it is I ultimately want to 'do' for the rest of my life and why I spent so many years in school going in different directions. [Oh wait... shouldn't I be retiring at some point instead? Oh well...]
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hmmmm...too much thought into which are short term vs. which are long term....

1   Be pain free
2   Get fit again
3   Jump out of a plane (with a parachute)
4   plant my garden
5   get back to cooking and baking again
6   get my house cleaned up
7   start doin' artwork again
8   read
9   get back to work
10 get back to school
11 finish the house
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hey, great post!  hmmmmmmmm, let's see.....


get hormones back into my body and then get those said hormones balanced properly

relish each and every day i'm given here on this earth

enjoy my young children and husband -- and not stress about the little things in life so much

put pool in (on june 2nd -- yeah!!!!) and enjoy it to the absolute MAX this summer!!!!!

put deck in and enjoy IT to the max as well :-)  

put hot tub in and enjoy IT to the max also :-)  

put firepit in and enjoy it to the max

enjoy watching my kids play baseball and softball this spring and summer

spend more quality time with my hubby -- get out to dinner more often

finally pay off both cars this summer -- yeah!!!!

plan 50th wedding anniversary for my parents

spend more time actually getting together with my friends instead of just e-mailing then and/or talking on the phone about getting together!

read more

exercise more

lose maybe 10 pounds....or just firm up what i already have :-)

continue landscaping the yard.....LOVE landscaping!

read the Bible everyday

attend more Cubs games this summer -- go Cubbies!!!!!

take more family walks every night with hubby, kids, and puppy

reach out more and actually DO things for people in need (which is easy to do while being a very committed member of our church....soooooooo many people out there to help)

get more massages

get to my chiropractor at LEAST once every week

pay more attention to MY health so that i can be a healthier mommy and wife

long term:

save for my kids' college tuition

pay off existing mortgage within next 5 years

buy 2nd home somewhere in the mountains (skiing!) or by the sea

celebrate our OWN 50th wedding anniversary!!

be able to see my children grow up, fall in love, get married and have children of their own  -- hold my own sweet precious grandchildren in my arms

keep growing in my faith and developing my own personal relationship with Jesus

nurture every single important relationship i currently have in my life

enjoy retirement and travel around world with hubby when time comes

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