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Welcome everyone to the Addiction Social forum
   Welcome everyone to the Addiction Social forum .This is the place to come and socialize with the other members of our community. There are so many aspects of life that are affected by addiction. We found that we needed a separate forum to have a place to come and discuss all sorts of issues with our members..... How our daily lives are are going, check up on other forum members, exchange recipes, share a joke or two with our friends. This is the forum to do it in.

     We also have the Addiction Substance Abuse forum. It is for discussing topics of addiction and recovery. If you have any questions about addiction, different methods of detoxification, recovery care and planning, that is the forum to visit.

     If you look to the right of your screen you will see where it says "Related Communities”, click on "Addiction: Substance Abuse ", it will take you right over there.

      We have a Health Pages area where members have posted various informative topics to help you in your recovery. Be sure to read the wealth of information provided there for your benefit. The Health Pages link can be found near the top right of this page.

     Lastly, we would like to point you to the new ‘Addiction Tracker’ that you can add to your profile. Just click on ‘My MedHelp’ at the top of page. Then click "Trackers" and follow the steps to add your tracker.  Besides being able to daily track your progress in your recovery, you can now track the number of days clean!

   Please come stay awhile, enjoy and take advantage of both of our forums ....

Your Community Leaders,

Dominosarah & Gnarly_1

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