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3days clean from oxys, taking KRATOM & feel fine.. is this to good ...
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3days clean from oxys, taking KRATOM & feel fine.. is this to good to be true???????

so im 3 days clean from oxycodone.. started taking a "natural painkiller" called KRATOM & its also for depression........... says its 100% legal 100% natural bla bla bla ...      at a smoke shop in vegas.. jungle zone to b exact.. the manager said he got his wife off painkillers with this kratom & alot of pot lol..
& its my third day & i feel sane again.. NORMAL i guess.. it does NOT get me high so im hoping this helps
& it might help someone els too..

now im taking it in tea form & pill form....

about 10 pills in the day & 10 at night.. thats what the manager told me how to get off.. for MY DOSE (everyones different) & yes i thought he was nuts when he told me to take 10 pills.. lol
but i will not lie i feel great...... & iv detoxed many times cold turkey & know im not suposed to b feeling this relaxed..

now i do NOT get high from it.. but then again i havnt tried to take 50 pills or anything ither ya know lol....

DOES ANYONE KNOW ABOUT THIS DRUG?? i only plan on taking it for the time of my oxycodone withdraw....

BUT IF THIS REALLY HELPS PEOPLE.. its better than methadone or suboxin............ in my opion & cheaper..

$35 for about 70 pills.. (keep in mind you might have to take 10 or so pills for 1 dose)

i hope i dont detox off of this kratom **** but its helping me right now & i dont have any cravings to use PAINKILLERS which is really weird lol..

anyway if anyone knows what the hell im taking about please respond :]

xoxo rach

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Kratom is a relative of opiates. It also binds to the opiate receptors which is why your detox is "easier" this time. It is addictive and you will experience withdrawal from it if taken too long. How long not sure. I would stop taking it.
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I agree with atthebeach.  Read up on Kratom, there are instances where people have found it very difficult to get off.  Usually, if it sounds or seems to good to be true, it is.  I'd sort of stick with the tried and true.
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▲▲ good info ▲▲ if you can educate yourself on the kratom please do.  There are people who have used it to help with WDs but you must walk a fine line. And those people ive heard of were dope heads. You are prolonging your agony unless u can time it all perfect.
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If you want to read a little more about Kratom, you can type that word in the search bar on this forum.  LOTS of info and posts about this from others who have personal experience with Kratom.

Many have commented on Kratom on MedHelp and shared their questions and experiences with it.  Looking for a medication to help get off a medication can be tricky.  And the addictive mind is STILL talking to us in the "same language" rather than a NEW language.   Of course, it's all up to us individually, but you might want to read more about it before you start taking 10/pills/day.  Just a thought~
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Absolutely agree with everyone.  You feel so good, because you've basically just traded one pill for another.  Kratom is habit forming, and many people on this forum have reported having an addiction to it, or a loved one who has.  Look on the "living with" forum, there is a thread or two there now about this.

Usually, if it sounds or seems to good to be true, it is...I second that!

No matter WHAT you do, it's nearly impossible to avoid w/d's entirely.  There are many things you could do to minimize the effects of w/d's...but eventually, you have to face the music.  You're just delaying the inevitable.

Look into the Thomas recipe for cold turkey, many people have been successful with that.  You'll just have to accept that you will have top endure a few days (to a week or so) of some discomfort, but then things will start to get better.

You will get loads of support and info here.  I wouldn't keep taking the Kratom.  Ditch them as soon as you can!  Good luck!
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My Dad used to tell me when he was alive, "If it's seems too good to be true, IT PROBABLY IS".

We addicts like our "rose colored glasses".

And we can always look for a "drug" to get off "a drug"......but that usually doesn't LAST.  Sooner or later we will have to deal with THAT drug, too.

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hi.  yes, kratom does work.  i was clean for a long time thanks to kratom.  the key is to taper and not take it for too long.  right now you have a false sense of calm because it is the herbal equivalent of opiates. i would not stay on it longer than  7 days and please do not take that much.  20 per day. that is too much.  this guy at the smoke shop is not a doctor.  he just wants to sell a product.  drop your dose and start tapering by day 5.  and never, ever take the liquid form.  good luck.
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