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40mg a Day Oxycodone Treatment Has Been Put to an End!
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40mg a Day Oxycodone Treatment Has Been Put to an End!

It hasn't been done voluntarily, though!
For chronic pain I have been prescribed 2x20mg slow release oxycodone daily for about 2 years. The other day my pain specialist referred me to another pain specialist for a 'second opinion'.
This new specialist immediately put me on a Norspan 5mcg per hour patch, (which is a mixture of Buprenorphine and Naloxone).
I toughed out the 'transitional' 3 day period as best I could but did take more narcotics than I should have to try and control the excruciating pain. The pain specialist had instructed me to keep taking 1x20mg oxycodone and 4x15mg codeine/500mg paracetamol otc per day during this period and on the night of the third day when I was supposed to increase the dose by another 5mcg I lay down to sleep when I realised my heart was pounding really fast and hard and so violently that sleeping was off the menu while it was moving in that state. I could feel the pressure of it pulsing in my legs.
I took my pulse and it was racing at 140 bpm. No matter what I did I couldn't make it calm down and I started to get very anxious. The rhythm of my heart became erratic. My mouth was very dry and I had to keep drinking and therefore urinating all night. I also had diahorrea.
   Finally, at about 3.00 am I decided that this patch must be creating this effect and that it had to go so I ripped it off and even washed my arm where it had been applied to try to get any of it away from me. I literally had one hour's sleep that night and had to take a sleeping pill and codeine at 5.00 am to do it.
   I reported these problems to my pain specialist and he said that he doesn't advocate or prescribe oxycodone at all for pain relief in cases of chronic pain (which makes sense to me) and then instructed me to try the patch again but this time with no oxycodone or codeine accompanying it.
I told him I didn't really want to try the patch again but he insisted that there wouldn't be any problems without oxycodone and codeine accompanying the patch and he said that if my heart races like that again I should take this clonidine he's prescribed that will lower my blood pressure. I am paranoid that my heart will stop if I mess around with my blood pressure. It seems a lot of mucking around with the operation of my body in order to just switch over to a pain med that he says probably won't control the pain that well anyway! I never actually asked to change my medication regime or asked the other pain doctor to have more oxycodone as he always used to act toward me like I was just scamming him for pills. He lied to me about the 'second opinion'. He sent me to a pain specialist/addictions specialist so I'm pretty I know what he thinks of me. Also, it all coincided with the insurance company refusing to honour my injury claim.
I really am in a lot of pain though.
I really need to have pain relief but I don't want to use this patch again. I am anxious that these serious side effects might prove fatal and I'm not prepared to find out if they will be!
   I can't get any other pain doctor involved in my case because I live somewhere with a very few pain specialists available and my GP has no prescribing rights for pain meds because I'm under a specialist who has the sole authority.
It looks like I'm going to have to go cold turkey and for pain relief just otc and to suffer.
Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions please?
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Hi!  Wow!   I have some thoughts...Were you without any opiates at all for 3 days when you started on the patch?  That's important!
it seems like you have a good pain specialist. opiates are not the answer in every, or even most cases.

I am praying for ya..
   May God bless you too brother and thank you for your kind efforts.
I think he is a very good doctor whom I know is a very caring person that goes beyond just having a compassionate bedside manner.
  Unfortunately, the doctor who referred me to him is a noted and proven liar who will and does manipulate his patients to his own ends (generally financial gain). For example, he stopped wanting to have me as a patient when he discovered the medical insurance board weren't going to honour his fee of $168.00 for a less than 15 minute consultation.
He then lied to me telling me I was only getting 'a second opinion' and told my (now) new pain specialist that I'd been constantly and consistently requesting more opiates when I hadn't done that and had simply informed him that I was experiencing increasing pain in areas of my body that previously hadn't been so bad to which he just sat in silence and looked out of his office window! That's 168 bucks worth? No wonder the insurance company don't like him!
   In actuality, I had also only told him my pain had increased just this once in six months so I can't see how that equated to me 'constantly pushing' for more pain meds!
My biggest regret was that I had to remove the patch because it was doing a great job of controlling the pain!
May the Lord Jesus watch over and keep you BrotherFrankie, I very much appreciate all the help your words have given me. :-)
  Thanks for your input vicki 595, it is greatly and deeply appreciated that you have taken an interest and shown your concern.
   Yes, I was on opiates when using the patch and I totally agree that is an important factor when evaluating their efficacy.
Strangely though, the pain specialist specifically instructed me to keep on with one tablet per day of the slow release 20mg oxycodone and four of the 15mg codeine and APAP tablets. This dose  represented a greater than 50% reduction in my daily intake of pain meds.
   I have read in the patient information leaflet and everywhere else online that refers to it that still taking opiates on buprenorphine/naloxone can create a 'precipitated withdrawal' syndrome which is considered 1000 times worse than normal withdrawal (which from my experience is foul enough at normal strength!) so I also found it odd that he'd want me to keep on taking them.
   I have had some other interesting developments to add but right now I need to sleep and will update asap and once again, thank you so much for taking an interest in my petty problems!
May God bless you both in the name of the mighty Lord Jesus.
hey, bret.. hows things across the Pond? u OK?
SO sad to hear what happened to you, BTW these Doctors stating that "they are pain specialist's and that they do not advocate or prescribe oxycodone at all for pain relief in cases of chronic pain" are violating their "Do No Harm" Pledge (If they even do that anymore), Due to the fact these alternative drugs they have been so hopped up on prescribing have Horrific side effects and all of them state can be deadly, I see a lot of Anti-Depressants and anti-convulsive prescribed.
The Truth is if you would of had a proper amount of Oxycodone prescribed you would of had maximum pain relief with minimum amount of side effects and none I have yet to find that can be deadly, Like Liver damage, Kidney Failure, Mood swings, suicidal thoughts etc. etc. etc. The list is ridiculous.
I ruptured a disc, smashed a nerve in lower back to where surgery would likely give no relief and highly possible cause more issues so it was suggested against by a neurosurgeon, I had been prescribed Morphine for base coverage and Oxycodone for break through pain.
The morphine caused some bad side effects like making me sleepy/lathergic and bad constipation.
I had to stop taking the morphine due to insurance issues and having to pay for my prescriptions out of pocket and was allowed to stay on my Oxycodone dosage.
I found actually that since the Oxy is instant release I could hold out on taking it until I found that hot showers, heating pads, etc. would not help and I could not bear the pain any longer ( Which is not an option when taking Morphine or other long acting medication as you need to take it regularly if in pain or not) I found I was able to manage my pain much better using only the Oxy to where I no longer needed the morphine dosage at all and worked my way back to the same activity level I had using both medications this worked great from 12-2012 until 3-2014 With no need to increase the Oxy and I was not overtaking them. Unfotunately on 3-14 I was informed a new policy was in effect and I had to start taking morphine again and my oxy was cut by 50%
One of the most annoying things about this is that coming off the morphine was Horrific I felt like crap for days even though I had the oxy so was very glad not to have to worry about that issue again, also one month my disability check was late so I had to go 2 days without my oxy medication and though I spent it in house mostly in bed and shower/bath I did not have the same issues as with the morphine. SO now I am required to take the morphine again whether or not I am in pain enough to feel I need it.
I actually felt after time with the oxy I may have been able to work down even further on amount as I strengthen my core muscles, But no more now I have found even with the morphine and since my amount was cut by 50% I am now unable to do the activities I was working on to not only be healthier ( Funny how doctors ask how much exercise you do  and push to get you to do 30 min exercise as many days as possible yet make it so that is no longer feasible)
The Oxy I was on for 15 months was working fantastic and my pain was managed, I was able do activities and exercise to help better my health and for no legitimate reason ( I have asked many times and get "sorry it's new policy" or " Health concerns are associated with using Oxy") As far as I can tell the crap they are cramming down people throats or applying by patches have far worse health risks.
The fact that you mentioned a couple other prescriptions to deal with the side effects themselves is alarming as they are not needed when using just plain Oxycodone.
It is pathetic I went from accepting that I am permanently disabled and in this condition but able to manage pain rather well and still have ability to do enough activity to stay healthy and semi fit, as well as take care of daily activities needed to live like shopping, paying bills, going ot to dinner with family, going to family members games, Plays, Graduations to now Since 3-14 maybe get outside to walk in yard or let kitty play 1 time a week for maybe 45 min max.
I am worse off now by far thenI was the first few days after the injury and for some reason the medical community feels this is totally acceptable, I have found the medical community and the government is more concerned about keeping "Drug Abusers" alive and worried about their health then they are people whom have been using the medication exactly as prescribed, having minimal side effects and have found after years of being on the medication that is allows them to have the ability to enjoy what activity they are able to do with the medication.
I am just really Sickened by this treatment of Patients whom follow the rules, prescription directions etc. due to the fact the "Addicts" whom do not follow directions, or are even prescribed the medications are the concern.
The entire medical community and governments has their priorities exactly the opposite of what they should be.
BTW I am not the only one I know a person whom had 2 back surgeries had been made to try so many of these "Newly Recommended" anti-depressive, Anti- convulsive, Non-Opiod medications that It would take me 30 minutes or more to list them and when finally after many months of trials came to a plan that worked amazing compared to the condition I personally had seen them in prior to the medication plan and due entirely because the clinic the doctor was part of and they had been seeing for almost 6 years was forced to find a new doctor and medical clinic was put through Hell as they instantly cut the medication and made them try  half a dozen different medications that caused everything from problems breathing to 100% debilitating headaches and has taken them from going to a movie say every few months, being able to go to dinner a few times a year to now only able to sleep maybe 4Hrs a night until to painful to lay down any  longer to the most activity is going to doctor appointments and sitting in a chair either napping at times or watching TV. Totally have stolen last 3 years of their life and made life dam near unbearable to deal with, Not to mention health has went from pretty good to POOR.
It is also sad that the entire situation has been explained to the Doctor the Clinic, the Special services nurses and it appears that the sooner this person dies the happier all those involved as far as medical industry will be.
I wish there was some laws or lawyers That were not afraid of the medical community or in some how influenced financially by them to make them start doing their jobs and being fair and doing things in the patients interest to help them rather then following whatever self serving agenda is in play as it is not in the patients best interests or concerns as they like to claim.
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